Onida launches Air Conditoner’s Summer Campaign ‘Thande Dimag ki Soch’


Beat the heat and make smarter decisions with Onida air conditioners! Onida, a leading brand in home appliances, has launched its summer campaign for 2024, Thande Dimaag ki Soch, conceptualized by Onads Communications.

Thande Dimag ki Soch: A Quirky Cricket Tale

Onida has taken a different route of a cool mind.

The film tells a captivating story of an underdog cricket team facing a formidable opponent. However, the home team’s coach utilizes a unique strategy based on “Thande Dimag Ki Soch” (thinking with a cool mind) to outsmart the rivals and secure an unexpected victory.

Pan-India Campaign to Reach Consumers Nationwide

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Nitin Navalkar, Head of Marketing, Onida: ‘While most Air Conditioner campaigns portray the physical discomfort of the summer heat, we were looking to communicate something different. Onads had an idea which really resonated. Back when electronic brands were chasing celebrity endorsements, Onida had its own celebrity in the Devil that could be owned by the brand for many years to come. This visionary approach led to the birth of the iconic Onida Devil in 1984. Recognizing the enduring power of this established property, we opted to revitalize it.”

Jignesh Maniar, Founder, Onads Communications: “Onida is a brand with a rich legacy and we believe humour can work wonderfully in this category. Since this is the season of cricket mania, we created a story keeping the flavour of the season in mind. We wanted to revitalize their iconic Devil and use him as the connection between the story and the product. ‘

Vivek Saran, President – COO – Sales & Consumer Business said, “Keeping the Indian summer conditions in mind we have introduced a wide range of Air Conditioners to cater to the Tropical regions of India where temperatures soar to maximum humidity conditions. Onida’s tropical Heavy-Duty Inverter ACs offer a perfect blend of Powerful Cooling, Energy Efficiency, Durability and Advanced Features. With a rapid growth in AC sales in the last 2 quarters, we are targeting a 40% increase in AC sales turnover.”

The “Onida AC Summer Campaign 2024” will leverage a multi-channel approach reaching audiences across print, digital and OTT platforms, ensuring maximum brand visibility throughout the summer season.

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