Parle Agro aims to grow market share with Appy Fizz & B-Fizz this summer

Parle Agro aims to strengthen its positioning with its Appy and B-Fizz Portfolio

Parle Agro announces a colossal multi-media campaign for its Fizz portfolio. The fruit plus fizz portfolio of Parle Agro consist of Appy Fizz and B-Fizz, both pioneering and revolutionary brands in the sparkling fruit drink category. The brands are set to go big with ‘One powerful TVC’ that will be rolled out for the very first time by Parle Agro.

The film will be aired nationally featuring Priyanka Chopra, the national brand ambassador and superstar, Jr. NTR the brand ambassador for Southern India.

Parle Agro, the largest Indian beverage company, has been associated with doing things out of the ordinary, taking bold steps, and breaking boundaries. The summer campaign is set to mark it as the next big super duo brand in the beverage industry, building the Fizz portfolio. Parle Agro is about to generate tremendous buzz with the multimedia campaign including TV, OOH and Digital. The TVC will be aired across national and regional channels.

“Year-on-year we continue to grow Parle Agro at a phenomenal pace. And with larger and more aggressive plans for our Fizz portfolio this year, we are looking to gain substantial market share and drive significant growth for Parle Agro in the beverage industry. Additionally, our brand ambassadors are not only the biggest and most celebrated icons in their fields that people look up to, but they also complement the leadership position of Parle Agro’s fizz brands as well. With the collective effort of this massive launch for our Fizz portfolio, we aim to double our market share in the sparkling fruit drink category in the coming year,” says Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director and CMO, Parle Agro.  

The TVC in the current year will have a strong focus on digital strategy and engagement as Parle Agro undertakes investments into IPL. B-Fizz is a youth-centric brand and IPL being a cricket format favoured by youth. Taking note of it, Parle Agro believes this digital partnership with IPL on Hotstar will generate the right reach, impact and visibility for the brand amongst their core audience.

Speaking more on the Fizz portfolio, Nadia Chauhan said, “B-Fizz is our most recent launch introduced in the midst of the pandemic. Despite the numerous lockdown-led challenges, the product with its unique taste combined with our marketing efforts, hit the right spot with the consumers generating much business. Parle Agro also already dominates the sparkling fruit drink category with Appy Fizz with an over 90% market share. Thus, with our marketing plans for this season, we aim to boost the Fizz portfolio further to drive growth and expansion for Parle Agro and take us towards our goal of achieving INR 10,000 crore turnover by 2022.”

The brand is planning to expand B-Fizz’s SKU will soon reach new audiences and expand its footprint. The move will help Parle Agro to build new opportunities that will further strengthen the positioning of B-Fizz.

Appy Fizz is one of the most admired beverages and fastest-growing fruit drinks in India. Now, a combination of both Fizz brands, Parle Agro aims to grab a larger market share to become the No. 1 Beverage Company in the country.

Appy Fizz and B-Fizz are also healthier options to synthetic fizzy drinks available in the market that could be consumed at any time of the day or night.

Another factor pushing the growth rate of the brands is their 160 ml SKU priced at Rs. 10. Currently, it is the fastest-growing SKU for the company driving massive distribution expansion for the brands. Hence, with the powerful marketing and attractive price point of both, Parle Agro aims to present the sparkling fruit drink category and offer the brands sustained visibility and massive distribution.

The creative agency, &Walsh for Parle Agro has led the campaign narrative for the television commercials, print and digital platforms.

The films are produced by Superlounge, LLC, New York, USA along with Scissor Films and directed by John Poliquin.

To watch the films click below:

Fizz TVC with Priyanka Chopra Jonas:

Fizz TVC with Jr. NTR:

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