Parle Agro launches high octane OOH campaign for Frooti that builds storytelling through outdoor advertising


Entering the festive season, Parle Agro, the leading player in the Indian beverage industry, has unveiled a large-scale, disruptive Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign bringing their iconic mango drink, Frooti, into the spotlight. The mission is clear – achieve widespread visibility for the brand during this season and become an integral part of India’s major festive celebrations.

This campaign marks the first time in five years that Parle Agro has launched such an extensive outdoor media blitz for Frooti during the festive months. Frooti currently dominates prominent locations in key cities across India, employing a creative approach that builds storytelling through outdoor advertising. This innovative strategy aims to captivate audiences and immerse them in a narrative that’s as refreshing as a sip of their iconic mango drink.

Parle Agro created dynamic content for DOOH, effectively breaking through the clutter and creating substantial impact. This outdoor strategy is also aptly timed, coinciding perfectly with the ongoing festive fervour. The brand has meticulously aligned their media deployment and campaign messaging with various regional festivals, ensuring a seamless connection with the essence of each celebration.

A noteworthy example was witnessed during Mumbai’s Ganpati Visarjan. Parle Agro created custom Frooti ads to bid farewell to Lord Ganesha, strategically placing them at key locations such as Juhu Chowpatty and Marine Drive. These ads conveyed a heartfelt message of saying goodbye to the idols as they were immersed into the sea, becoming an integral part of the Ganpati celebration. This is the first time, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising has been used this uniquely and effectively by a brand.

This year also marks a return to nostalgia as Parle Agro prominently features the iconic tagline, “MANGO FROOTI FRESH & JUICY,” in all their creatives. This strategic move aims to rekindle the enduring association between Frooti and festive celebrations.

The OOH campaign has garnered significant attention, having taken over high traffic areas, major arterial roads and junctions. The DOOH ads with their personalized creatives are grabbing even more attention. Frooti’s dynamic visuals, featuring brand ambassadors Alia Bhatt and Ram Charan, are prominently displayed in landmark corporate areas, media sites, and residential neighborhoods in key markets across India. Considering the festive season and the lineup of popular movies, DOOH advertising inside INOX and PVR theaters is also in the planning stages.

The Frooti outdoor campaign is spread across an impressive 150+ markets in India.

Speaking about their OOH campaign, Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director & CMO, Parle Agro said, “This year, our creative approach revolutionizes storytelling. We’re transforming outdoor advertising into a narrative art form that captivates and immerses our audiences. We’re pushing the boundaries for Frooti during the festive season by doing things that have never been done before. With this disruptive Out-of-Home campaign we aim to capture the spirit of celebration and share it with the people of India.”

Speaking about the campaign, Dipankar Sanyal, CEO – Platinum and MRP said, “Parle Agro outdoor campaigns take over the streets of India. The campaigns embody what Parle Agro eschews as a brand –innovative, forward looking, stylish, aggressive, experimental yet connected with every stratum of the consumer base. We manage to bring vigor and newness to each campaign with an ideal choice of media, locations, touchpoints. All this is married to data and Madison proprietary tools to reach consumers and deliver effectiveness. Being associated with Parle Agro and part of the journey is a matter of pride and honor for Platinum Communication.”

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