Pepsi Encourages People to Live Life on their Own Terms

Pepsi® Encourages People to Live Life on their Own Terms

Raising the bar this summer, PEPSI® is all set to encourage the people of new generation to live life on their own terms. With the launch of the new TVC, featuring Bollywood superstar and brand ambassador, Salman Khan, the brand  urges that the SWAG ideology of “har wrong ko right bana de” becomes part of the generation’s mindset.  PEPSI® encourages the new generation to be their true self and inspire people to respect individual choices without having any bias and judgment.

As an extension of its youth centric campaign, HAR GHOONT MEIN SWAG, the new TVC is talking to the confident generation of India and asking them to not be bogged down by archaic societal judgements.

The film opens in a college canteen, where a young couple is seen studying together. Their time together is cut short as they are made to field questions from another classmate about their relationship status. This monologue is interrupted by the timely entry of Salman Khan, who takes a swig of PEPSI® and steps in to save the day in his trademark SWAG style.

Speaking about the TVC, PepsiCo India spokesperson said, “Over the years, Brand Pepsi has had its pulse on the changing trends, evolving times and beliefs of the younger generation. It has always created campaigns that resonate with their contemporary ideas. This summer PEPSI® is reflecting on how the youth should tackle societal judgement – with self-confidence, unshakeable self-belief and irrefutable SWAG. In 2020, PEPSI® will continue celebrating the spirit of the new generation through the Har Ghoont Mein Swag campaign and bring it alive through multiple consumer passion points during the year.”

Vivek Das, Wunderman Thompson Lead, Team PepsiCo Beverages, India  further added, “Pepsi, as a brand, has always been irreverent talking about topics that matter to the young generation. In the new Summer TVC, it takes on the core tension points of young India in its effortlessly cool manner and gives the brand a deeper communication platform which celebrates the self-belief and confidence of youth. It was a delight working on this creative articulation, that inspires youth to not be bogged down by unnecessary judgments and tackle the situation with innate Swag”

You can click here to watch the film.

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