PhonePe presents What’s In A Number – a film highlighting the chaos of spam calls

PhonePe presents What’s In A Number - a film highlighting the chaos of spam calls

The film ‘What’s in a Number?’, by PhonePe, unfolds in the backdrop of sombre music within a bustling grocery store. Enter, the enigmatic concierge, who extends a tempting offer to unsuspecting shoppers, inviting them to elevate their shopping experience. What follows is an extraordinary journey, where sharing of contact numbers unravels a series of unexpected encounters.

As some customers graciously disclose their phone numbers at his behest, a peculiar phenomenon takes hold. Suddenly, their phones become a gateway to a deluge of unsolicited calls, each one offering assistance, tailored to their unique needs. Strikingly, the callers seem privy to the very items these shoppers seek to purchase. Intrigued, annoyed, and slightly perplexed, the shoppers converge upon the concierge, their emotions running high. Little did they know, this was all part of a consumer message.

A startling revelation occurs: The act of surrendering one’s contact number has unknowingly become a prevailing practice in the realm of motor insurance, leading to a number of unsolicited calls over extended periods of time. The shoppers themselves step forward, sharing personal anecdotes of their encounters with number sharing on insurance platforms. It’s a societal phenomenon that demands attention.

The film then sheds light on PhonePe‘s unwavering commitment to safeguarding privacy, making it an ideal platform for your insurance needs.

Link to the film: Watch Here

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