Planet Idea launches first project to redefine smart living

Planet Idea launches first project to redefine smart living

Planet Idea launches its first project in India to redefine and transform community living in the country. The company is know for its district app, integration of smart solutions and community management services into residential projects, that has already been implemented successfully in South America and Europe. While achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the local level, Planet Idea also has a catalogue of more than 200 smart solutions and will bring best practices to meet the requirement of the citizens and reduce operational costs and maintenance.

The company launches its project in partnership with the family office of the promoters of Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. The first project is underway and is set to provide smart solutions to more than 5,000 homes at a 390 acre iconic township in Pune, Life Republic. The community life of Life Republic will be benefitted from the installations of a water management system, IoT-based intelligent lighting, smart benches, a smart gym, air quality monitors, fitness trails, co-working space, Library of Things, SOS columns, etc.

Daniele Russolillo, COO of Planet Smart City and Global Head of Planet Idea, said: “Considering the ever-changing times, we are certain that smart living will emerge as an integral part of every community lifestyle, now more than ever. Local communities are looking to adapt new smart solutions into their daily lives, to enhance their quality of life and to be more environmentally sustainable. We are confident and well-equipped to respond effectively to the needs and many challenges faced in urban living. We look forward to fostering smart, safer and happier urban environments in India.”

Yash Patil, Executive Director of Kolte-Patil Group, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with a global innovative company like Planet Smart City to bring Planet Idea to India. The first project is underway in a 390 acre iconic township, Life Republic, and we will integrate advanced smart solutions to improve the quality of life of our residents. We are looking forward to bringing innovative smart living to other communities across the country through technology, digital services and social innovation.”

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