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Platinum Love Bands Celebrates Love in Times of Corona in #LoveLeadsUs Campaign

MediaInfoline December 3, 2020

This year the #LoveLeadsUs campaign by Platinum Days of Love takes a new turn as it celebrates the many challenges of the pandemic times and how love is turning the tide. The brand launched their new platinum love band collection with a heartwarming digital campaign.

Sujala Martis, Director – Consumer Marketing, Platinum Guild International – India shared her thoughts on the campaign as she stated “In the midst of all the gloom, what we actually uncovered was that within relationships people were more thankful and had a greater appreciation for their partner. Popular culture also threw up so many narratives of love achieving the impossible – whether the challenge was distance, or plans that were in a continuous postponement mode, of love infusing hope and optimism, being strong and resilient against all that came their way. It is exactly what a love that is rare would look like at a time like this. And that’s what platinum stands on – rarity”

A New Platinum Love Band Collection

This latest campaign introduces a new collection of Platinum Love Bands, as a tribute to couples who have displayed values of strength, resilience, patience, and optimism through these extraordinary times.

It’s a way to mark a relationship that is built on a value system of a love so rare as we transition through a tough phase in time.

The campaign is a 360-degree program led by a film and supported by a robust communication plan that includes TV, Print, Digital, and PR across markets to ensure high reach and frequency. 

Watch the #LoveLeadsUs campaign film here

Celebrating the Unique Circumstances of Love

The heartwarming campaign celebrated the unique circumstances of love, this pandemic,as some  people remain locked at home with their loved ones while others are waiting patiently to unite with their loved ones as they reel under a long distance relationship in the lockdown.

The hurdles that love has had to overcome, and that relationships have had to make it through have been vast, ranging from possible financial impact, to health vulnerabilities, to worrying for loved ones and old parents. The new normal presented its own share of obstacles no less – balancing work-from-home and household chores, social isolation – staying away from family, friends, and going out.

Our world’s changed as we witness our best laid plans go upside down, leaving us with a longing for all that we took for granted. Amidst this love became resilient conquering all the anxieties, worries and uncertainties. And in this chaos, couples learnt to value each other and to be grateful for each other, making them unwaveringly supportive, kind and compassionate when most required, and hopeful and optimistic in the face of odds.

Platinum Days of Love celebrates this very idea of togetherness in its new campaign. The narrative of when #LoveLeadsUs, marks a love with qualities so rare that it guides us towards a better tomorrow, irrespective of the circumstances.

Celebrating The Love That Withstand

The digital film brings alive this scenario that love finds itself in, with the journey of a couple who, during these trying times, found the true meaning of togetherness. 

Conceptualised by Dentsu Webchutney 

the film explores the love life of a young couple who find themselves caught in the pandemic turmoil as they have to postpone their wedding. Despite all odds they survive and let their love find the way as they remain connected virtually. 

  • They used this time apart to discover strength and support in each other. 
  • And with that, they discovered aspects they never imagined their love had. 
  • Their love was a rare sort – one that stood defiant and resilient through a test of fire.

 Other assets and mediums like print and social cover the many dimensions of a rare love like this.

Rediscovering Love in Times of Corona 

Speaking on the concept of the brand film, Sumera Dewan, AVP Account Management, Dentsu Webchutney adds, “Over the last few months, couples have re-discovered the spark that was lost in the everyday grind, and those apart realized what togetherness truly meant. Love is not defined by distance or time spent together, but measured in the moments that empower us with resilience and hope.  The campaign was conceptualized as an ode to strength and power of love to beat all the odds, and the film’s storyline highlights this message that is sure to resonate with various couples who have been on the same journey this year.”



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