POCO unveils its new identity in a quirky campaign by DDB Mudra


POCO India, country’s 3rd largest online smartphone brand, has launched its new brand identity ‘Made of Mad’, in a fun campaign created by DDB Mudra. This series of quirky films featured the new mascot, conveying the brand story with unconventional and edgy visuals. The campaign goes beyond just being a showcase of the superlative specs of the phone and highlights the brand ideology.

The booming yet crowded smartphone category is guilty of sameness. Sameness in devices, in advertising, in specs, in looks and in positioning. To break through the clutter and appeal to the psyche of millennials and Gen Z, the key was to use unconventional visuals and storytelling devices that could leave a lasting impact in a world of high voltage celebrity endorsements.

Talking about the new brand identity, Raghav Chitra, Marketing Lead, POCO India said, ‘Made of Mad’ is a creative rendition of what our fans and consumers can expect from a brand that imbibes a very unique, compelling philosophy behind its products. It is also a representation of our consumers who are driven by the spirit of mad: independent, ambitious, eccentric and irreverent in their pursuit of perfection. Through this initiative, we want to build a belief system that enhances the overall POCO experience that our users find relevant.”

Speaking on the campaign, Vishnu Srivastav, Creative Director, DDB Mudra Group said, “The effort was to differentiate POCO clearly in the minds of the youth. Somewhere along the way we heard from consumers that POCO must be mad to give such features at such a price. So, we wanted to celebrate this mad spirit in our own way with work that’s both eccentric and entertaining.”

The #MadeForMad campaign is live on social media.

Watch the films here:

Legend of Mad (Main film) – https://youtu.be/VFX2l_SgtWM

Mad is the light – https://youtu.be/YdMm26OPrn8

When life gives you madness – https://youtu.be/GYuNJ6_9qQM

Unboxing madness – https://youtu.be/VOeRRD7gRCE

Madness is served – https://youtu.be/cGYu3BzMA9U


Creative: Vishnu Srivatsav, Sooraj Pillai, Neha Sathe, Sudhira Mendon, Murugaiya Gokul

Business: Nahum Jacob, Ajai Kumar

Strategy: Phalgun Polam, Kanukolanu Sneha

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