Policybazaar latest campaign on customer testimonial

Policybazaar latest campaign on customer testimonial

Staying true to its brand philosophy of #HarFamilyHogiInsured, Policybazaar’s latest campaign brings the stories of its commitment to claims straight from the customers. Claim settlement is considered a moment of truth, but it often turns out to be a major pain point for the customer. Policybazaar, with its quick and effective 30-minute claim assistance promise, eases this pain point and stands by them when they need it the most. The new ad films astutely capture the policyholders’ emotions as they recount stories of how Policybazaar’s steadfast support came to their rescue in the moment of the ordeal.

From the horse’s mouth: Holding customers through thick and thin 

The campaign features three customers from three different cities who were struck by the health issues of their family members.

While Saurabh from Gurgaon was grappling with the condition of his 1-year-old daughter who needed hospitalisation for a week, Ajay’s son needed immediate medical attention at 104℉ fever.  Gaurav from Delhi, on the other hand, sought treatment for his mother who suddenly fell sick.

What was common among all of them was the fact that Policybazaar’s support system firmly stood by them and took care of the claims process and formalities while the customers could focus on their families.

Brand sentiment that resonates with consumer sentiment

Samir Sethi, VP and Head of Brand Marketing at Policybazaar, said, “Real customers telling their raw personal accounts is not only extremely relatable, but also breaks the clutter, and creates a compelling brand story. These stories talk of real pains, and real solutions at the moment of truth, and are a testament to the fact that we consistently deliver on our brand promise of quick claim support. We see this campaign driving a strong consumer connection by strengthening trust, that Policybazaar will be there for you at the time you need it the most.” 

Highlighting the brand’s larger message of ensuring a healthy and well-protected India, the films conclude by endorsing the decision to buy a high sum insured policy at a reasonable premium today.

Amit Chhabra, Head, Health and Travel Insurance at Policybazaar, shared, “At a time when health emergencies have seen a sharp rise, these personal stories are a stark reminder to get an adequate protection shield with health insurance. The campaign featuring real customers just reiterates the fact that health issues come unannounced and one needs to be prepared. Policybazaar will relentlessly work towards its mission of helping India’s middle-class deal with death, disease and disability. Through this campaign, we hope the message resonates with millions of people out there who often defer this crucial purchase decision.”

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