Prega News celebrates the spirit of Fatherhood with a special message

Prega News launches campaign to cherish special moments this Father's Day

Featuring brand ambassador Anushka Sharma, this Father’s Day Mankind Pharma’s pregnancy detection brand, Prega News launches a campaign with a special message celebrating the spirit of Fatherhood. Adapting to new roles and working selflessly for their children’s brighter future, fathers are the real superheroes for their kids. It is a perfect day to acknowledge their contribution to our lives.

Making the day unforgettable by creating some personal memories, the video encourages viewers to do something special for their fathers. Whether it’s scolding or showering love from Dad, the film also underlines the importance of every moment we get to learn a new lesson that helps make us stronger. The brand urges people to showcase what they are going to do special on the day and share with them on social media platforms.

This Father’s Day, make him look stylish or cook him a special meal, celebrate the day with joy and pride. Inspire him to pursue his creative dreams or watch his favourite movie along with him. It is more important now than ever to bestow your love to that special man in these unprecedented times while we are working from home or studying online. We also can’t underline the fact about the contribution of fathers in maintaining the home, taking care of everyone, and supporting the family member during the pandemic. Prega News honours the contribution of fathers in our lives and encourages people to celebrate safely within their homes.

Speaking on the campaign, Joy Chatterjee, General Manager- Sales and Marketing, Mankind Pharma said, “During such tough times, it has become more important to stay connected with each other and celebrate the days whenever such occasion is in front of us. There is nothing like a family and nothing like a Dad also who is always there for us. With this small video, our message to people is to do something from our sides to make him happy, and make the moment lively, filled with laughter and cheerfulness”. 

Watch the campaign here.

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