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Raymond’s new campaign for its All Black collection

MediaInfoline March 22, 2018

Black is the classic fashion favourite, a staple fabric and surely a part of every discerning wardrobe. It complements every personality and body type. It stands for elegance & sophistication, but is restricted to black trousers, classic suits and tuxedos.

As a brand that is the harbinger of trends, Raymond saw the opportunity to make Black more than a colour, more than a tuxedo, more than a formal trouser, more than what the world sees it as.

With a fabric variety of more than 1000+ styles of textures, designs, shades, fibres and blends, black will be seen as never before. The largest collection and showcase of All Black fabric will open up way more occasions for wearing and flaunting it. Not just formals, but also leisure and ceremonial.

This collection is an unconventional take on black and therefore, the communication for it had to be anything but a conventional take.

To introduce its All-Black Collection, Raymond has come out with a film that’s quite unlike any fashion film you’ve ever seen. The 90-second online film is a poetic ode to black fabric that’s deep, raw and surprising, with an unexpected revelation in the end. The TVC challenges the notion that black is unidimensional and boxed up.

The campaign is executed and conceptualised by GREY group India. The film delves into the versatility of black and has slick fashion colliding with a narrative that’s just as intriguing as it is lyrical. The narrative has a consistent progression, building human attributes into the colour black and leading up to a striking touch of authenticity in the end – The film features Jugpreet Bajwa, an Indo-Canadian singer and writer who’s visually impaired since the age of six months, talking about why black has more hues than one can imagine.

Talking about the campaign, Sandipan Bhattacharyya, Chief Creative Officer, Grey group, said “It is this realisation – that the film is a visually impaired person’s interpretation of black – that makes it go beyond the domain of fictitious, glorified fashion and into a real journey inside the narrator’s mind. Only a brand like Raymond can bravely embrace authenticity and seamlessly mash it up with fashion.”

Speaking about the campaign Madhu S. Dutta, Head Marketing, Raymond Ltd., said, “Over ages, Black has been a classic fashion favourite. A staple fabric and a part of every discerning gentleman’s wardrobe. Black beautifully complements every persona depicting elegance, a sense of sophistication. At Raymond through our new Black campaign, our endeavour has been to engage with the consumers through an authentic and honest narrative – weaving a special connect through the versatile collection which is more than just a colour and more than how the world perceives the colour black.”. 

TVC Link: here


Client : Raymond Brand Team

Ensemble : Raymond Design Studio

GREY group India:

Creative: Sandipan Bhattacharyya, Mayuresh Dubhashi
Planning: Arun Raman

Client Servicing: Vineet Singh

Films (GREY WORKS) : Samir Chadha

Writer : Sandipan Bhattacharyya, Chief Creative Officer, GREY group India

Director: Lloyd Baptista
Executive Producer: Coburn Machado
Producer : Ravneet Mahajan
Production House: Method Productions


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