Santoor launches ‘Pocket Perfumes’ exclusively for West Bengal

Santoor launches ‘Pocket Perfumes’ exclusively for West Bengal

Santoor announced the launch of Santoor Deo pocket perfumes exclusively for West Bengal. The compact pocket-sized perfumes provide consumers floral fragrance-on-the-go. Packed with fresh floral fragrance, Santoor pocket perfumes aim to lift one’s mood, instantly and provide them confidence to take on every moment. Targeted at the new-age women who is always on the go, Santoor Pocket aims to help them “Pocket every moment” across all facets of life. Santoor pocket perfumes are available in three floral fragrances – Grace, Gold and Poise offering 250 sprays at an affordable price of Rs. 65 per pack.

Mr. S Prasanna Rai, Vice-President, Marketing, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, said“Deodorant is a Rs. 2700 crore urban category in India (Nielson 18-19), with pocket perfume making up 10% of the portfolio. At Wipro Consumer Care, we are bullish about this segment and are delighted to launch our latest offering in West Bengal. Pocket perfume caters to the evolving needs of the modern Indian woman who is constantly on the go. It is light, convenient and easy to carry ensuring fragrance at her fingertips anytime, anywhere – allowing her to pocket every moment in her life!”

Over the years the brand has grown from a single soap brand to soap variants, talcum powder, deodorants, liquid soap, handwash, facewash and so on and has been constantly launching new brand variants and new products in tune with market demands and needs. Santoor remains as one of the most aggressive personal care brands in India.

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