Saraf Furniture Welcomes its New Campaign ‘Jaldi Pao’ to bring fastest delivery in Indian online furniture market

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Saraf Furniture, India’s solid wood furniture player in a recent new has announced that it is launching its campaign ‘Jaldi Pao’, wherein the company will ensure the delivery of products within 1.5-2 weeks’ time frame. A leading manufacturer of Sheesham wood furniture, Saraf Furniture marvel at its huge product range of home décor and furnishings items. Major product categories include lightning, accessories and rugs and carpets.

Saraf Furniture hails from Sardarshahar, a small town in Rajasthan. They run their operations near the town, so as to provide employment opportunities to the locals. They recognize what timely delivery means for its customers.

Saraf Furniture aims at becoming the online furniture brand to perform the fastest delivery for its customers. Where other brands deliver the products in about 5-6 weeks, the company is committing to deliver within 15 days. The company has always been in talks for not delivering on time. The reason being it always delivers ‘before time’. The company’s website ‘’ hosts a variety of product range and all of them are eligible for the delivery time frame.

Speaking about the event, Mr. Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO- Saraf Furniture Said, “As a business it is our duty respect our customers’ timely needs. We must lay emphasis to the requirements of our customer base. We firmly believe that time is money and hence must not waste. We will be committed to providing timely delivery so that the customers be able to trust us for their shopping experience. We are proud to be a dedicated customer-centric brand

Likewise Mudit Pareek, CTO- Saraf Furniture says, “We are apprehensive of creating a strong demand from our customers’ base after the campaign. We are aptly foreseeing the technical aspects for the smooth launching of the campaign.”

Saraf Furniture has been in talks about taking the unconventional approach from providing period leaves to its women employees to giving 12-day holiday break to its employees in the past weeks.  Also, the company is in talks about its expansion plans. Soon Saraf Furniture will be expanding its offline presence in major cities across the country.

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