Sebamed begins yet another insightful campaign “Sebamed Baby, Jab Skin Ho Paper Thin”

Sebamed begins yet another insightful campaign “Sebamed Baby, Jab Skin Ho Paper Thin”

Sebamed, a German Beauty & personal care brand with a legacy of over 50 years, launched yet another insightful campaign ‘Sebamed baby- Jab skin ho paper thin’ for its baby care portfolio. The integrated campaign takes inspiration from the insight that when babies are born their skin is very sensitive and it requires the highest degree of protection. It further highlights how Sebamed’s baby portfolio with its pH 5.5 benefits serves as a gold standard for babies right from day one.

The TV commercial starts with a series of engaging pictures of newborn’s delicate skin and poses a thought-provoking question what is safe for such sensitive and paper-thin skin? The advertisement showcases a visual of a pH test on an ordinary soap and then Sebamed baby soap with a perfect pH 5.5.  The campaign further highlights how Sebamed’s products that are made of the highest quality ingredients with benefits of pH 5.5 are best suited for the sensitive skin of a newborn baby. Striking a relatable cord, the film with its compelling tag line – “Sebamed baby, jab skin ho paper thin” encourages all parents to stay curious and reaffirm their choices based on proven scientific facts.

Commenting on the same, Shashi Ranjan, Head, Consumer Business shared “We are a purpose-driven brand. Truth, transparency and science backed superior product offerings are the basic tenets of our existence.  Through the campaign- “Jab Skin ho Paper Thin” we want to empower our consumers with right information so that they can choose the best for their newborn. Sebamed through its wide portfolio of baby care products made with highest quality ingredients added with pH 5.5 benefits makes the decision-making process easier. We are confident that the campaign will resonate well with our audience.”

Jaydeep Shah, Marketing Head for Sebamed brands in India said, “At Sebamed, we are focused on creating high-quality baby care products backed with robust scientific data. Our goal is to empower consumers with the right knowledge to take care of sensitive skin. While choosing the right products for baby’s sensitive and paper-thin skin, parents often find themselves in a conundrum on how to make the right decision. This campaign aims to make this process easier for parents by urging them to switch to Sebamed range of baby care products with pH 5.5 that can protect baby’s delicate skin from day one.”

Suyash Khyabya, Creative head at The Womb stated“With every campaign of Sebamed, we empower consumers with new scientific knowledge. And we’ve developed a brand tone which is affirmative and eye opening. In this baby care campaign, we wanted to highlight the sensitive and paper-thin skin of newborn. We wanted to sharply focus only on the skin and not get lost in the surroundings or clichéd fake emotions. Every shot we took, we made sure it looked and felt like a Sebamed shot rather than any competitors. It’s a stark yet simple campaign which we’re confident will resonate with mothers”

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