Shhh…Honda starts “A Quiet Revolution”

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Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. has lifted the curtains of its 360-degree campaign ‘A Quiet Revolution’ for its paradigm shifter Activa 125 BSVI – Honda’s first two-wheeler into the BSVI era.

‘A Quiet Revolution’ encapsulates the wizardry behind Honda’s BS-VI era two-wheeler line-up while showcasing the Power of Silence. It is coming from Honda’s globally acclaimed Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology for a silent start and smooth eco-friendly ride.

With as many as 26 new patent applications, exceptional technology, new features, 13% more mileage, intelligent display informatics, elevated convenience and evolved style. The all new Activa 125 – Honda’s maiden BSVI offering kick-starts ‘A Quiet Revolution’.

The campaign conceptualized by Dentsu One, a Dentsu Aegis Network division aims to highlight the unique feature of eSP technology i.e. Silent start.

Leading the narrative of ‘A Quiet Revolution’ is Honda 2Wheeler India’s brand ambassador Akshay Kumar. The campaign is based on the human insight that since birth all of us hear two words “Keep Quiet”. The TV commercial shows Akshay re-telling his personal experience on this. Cherry on the cake is a surprize debut of his charismatic wife Twinkle Khanna, who further proves his point once again.

Speaking about ‘A Quiet Revolution’ campaign, Mr. Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. said, “By launching a BSVI two-wheeler six months ahead of emission norms, Honda is all set for a quick, silent and innovative start into the new era. The new Activa 125 BSVI campaign is inspired by something everyone has all experienced, right from our birth to school, college and so on… the desire to replace noise with the power of silence. The revolutionary eSP technology, industry first features of Activa 125 BSVI bring to life the meaning of ‘A silent revolution’. And adding the perfect spice to this campaign is Twinkle Khanna shushing Akshay in the end yet again.”

Mr. Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu One said, “When we talk of technology, the usual direction is to go all techno and sci-fi. We thought why not make technology a little friendly. That’s why, we went the ‘keep quiet’ way. It’s true that all of us have been told to keep quiet more than once in our lives. People love peace and quiet. We thought let’s get Akshay to play the central character and make him speak about this life truth”.

“The objective of this campaign was to highlight Honda’s technological prowess and first-in-segment features of the product. A simple yet powerful insight woven with slice-of-life situations strengthens the connect of the campaign with the target audience and furthers Honda’s position as a leader and innovator in the world of two-wheelers” said Mr. Abhinav Kaushik, Executive Vice President, Account Management, Dentsu One.

Watch the TVC: here

About the film: ‘A Quiet Revolution’

The film shows Akshay Kumar through different stages of life, starting from a flashback of his childhood, youth to this day.

The film opens in a maternity ward where the mother tries to calm down the new born Akshay by using “Shhhhhh”. After that, we see young Akshay going to school, laughing out aloud at a joke while posing for a classroom photo only to be reprimanded by the photographer to “Keep quiet!” Next up Akshay remembers his teen days when he starts playing music in a library, only to be scolded by the strict librarian to “Keep Quiet!”.

Cut to today, when Akshay tells his virtual digital assistant to “Keep Quiet”. That’s when he sums up the premise that since childhood “Keep Quiet, Keep Quiet” is what we have all heard.

Taking this further, he then raises the viewer’s curiosity. He tiptoes out of his front door saying, “Chalo, ab kuch quietly start karte hain” (come now lets start something silently). Starting his new Activa 125 BSVI, he introduces the viewer to its unique silent start feature saying, “Dekha ek dum quiet. Ye Honda ki eSP technology ka kamaal hai.” (Did you see, absolutely quiet. This is the wonder of Honda’s eSP technology).

As Akshay leaves on the new Activa 125, we see all the great features of the new product. The product includes LED position lamp, external fuel filling, the digital analogue meter which intelligently shows distance to empty, real time and average mileage etc.

Finally, Akshay reaches the gym to pick his wife up who is impatiently waiting for him. As he tells her about the new Side Stand safety feature, she too reprimands him to “Keep quiet!”

The film ends with Akshay looking at camera helplessly and saying, “Dekha, Shaadi ke baad bhi… shhh, Quiet!”

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