Shilpa Shetty features on Nourish’s TV commercial

Shilpa Shetty features on Nourish's TV commercial

BL Agro Industries Limited’s ambitious brand, Nourish has launched a series of television commercials featuring Bollywood actor and fitness icon Shilpa Shetty. The first TVC promotes Nourish Extra Chokar Atta, the second one promotes Nourish Unpolished dals and the third one talks about Nourish Premium Dry Fruits. The main messaging of the advertisements is ‘Sadharan Chodo, Nutrition Chuno’, meaning to eat nutritious and healthy rather than eating ordinary.

The series of TVCs have been created by a multi-dimensional creative agency, Leads Brand Connect, and have been launched on national television channels. The is a 360-degree campaign and has been rolled out across TV, print, and digital media. 

Speaking about the launch of the first series of TVCs of Nourish, Mr. Ashish Khandelwal, Executive Director, BL Agro said, “Nourish is a young brand, which has received an overwhelming response in a very short span of time. With Nourish, our vision is to provide healthy, good quality, and nutritional food products all across the country. While the TVC is creating awareness, we are simultaneously working to expand our distribution network to pan India levels so that we can take the goodness of Nourish to each and every household in India.” 

“With Shilpa Shetty coming in and promoting our brand, we intend to reach to the larger audiences and markets. We wish to take ahead the legacy of BL Agro with this young and ambitious brand, Nourish”, adds, Ms. Richa Khandelwal, Brand Spokesperson, BL Agro

Mr. Sanjay Srivastava, CEO, Leads Brand Connect, said, “With Shilpa on board, brand Nourish aims to occupy the space of high nutrition food products offering many health benefits to the consumers. Hence the positioning was created around the promise “Saadharan Chhodo, Nutrition Chuno”. But the challenge was to communicate this fact in an innovative and engaging manner. To distinguish the brand from regular cooking commercials, we decided to take the comic way”. 

“Leads Brand Connect team came up with a very interesting and quirky concept of “ye hoga to do batein ho sakti hein… wo hoga to do batein ho sakti hein” – a comic expression that has been popular in entire Hindi speaking belt for many years. I think at some point of time, we all have used this funny expression to crack jokes or otherwise. And with Shilpa’s excellent comic timing, we were able to bring it out in a very noticeable manner at the same time achieving high recalls, adds, Mr. Srivastava

Check out the TVC 1, TVC 2, and TVC 3

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