slice’s new print ad is indecipherable but intelligent!


slice, India’s first credit card challenger, has unveiled its latest ad campaign in leading English Newspapers across the country. The ad takes on a creative lens to showcase how traditional credit cards have complex terms & conditions, unlike the slice super card.

Just like the brand, there is nothing traditional about the newspaper ad. The company has incorporated a fun & interactive digital activation by making readers use Google Lens to decipher the text written in Greek. Readers can view the ad on the front page of the newspapers in Hindustan Times, The Telegraph, The Hindu English, Deccan Herald, and Deccan Chronicle available in today’s edition.

The ad evoked strong reactions on social media after its release, sparking conversations around it on LinkedIn & Twitter. Readers were delighted to see a print ad in this age of digital ad creation, which surely catches the reader’s attention. If you haven’t already tried translating the text, go on and give it a try through Google Lens.


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