SNICKERS® ropes in Vinay Pathak alongside Vedika Nawani for its latest campaign


SNICKERS®, the nougat, caramel and nuts filled chocolate bar from Mars Wrigley portfolio, is back with a new film, starring acclaimed theatre and film actor Vinay Pathak alongside talented young artist Vedika Nawani. Bringing to life the brand proposition of ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’, the film shows a humorous take on ‘Hunger Pangs’ that consumers have often seen and loved in iconic SNICKERS® ad films.

The new TVC depicts departure from the usual change in personality of the protagonist, to an unusual and outlandish act or decision, as seen in the film where Vinay Pathak, portraying the role of a father, ends up buying a ‘monster’ truck during a hunger pang.

Talking about the launch of the new SNICKERS® film, Kalpesh R Parmar, Country General Manager, Mars Wrigley, India said, “The brand proposition of SNICKERS®, ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’, has become iconic and is loved by consumers across the world. With this new ad featuring actors Vinay Pathak and Vedika Nawani, we have drawn on the tongue-in-cheek humor of the brand to bring to life a comical situation arising out of hunger pangs. At Mars Wrigley India, we are led by our purpose of creating a billion better moments for consumers, customers and communities, and we are confident that the audience will love the new TVC as we celebrate the joy associated with SNICKERS®.”

Sharing his experience on the association, Vinay Pathak, popular Bollywood actor, said “SNICKERS® has always been one of my favourite chocolates and I was absolutely delighted to collaborate with such a cool brand. It is rather the best thing to grab; it is my saviour when I want to satiate my hunger pangs, especially when I am working and hunger merges with stress and anger. SNICKERS® is such a loved brand and I resonate deeply with its persona and tongue in cheek sense of humour. Being a part of their quirky new film has been a fun-filled experience and I am quite excited to see how the audience reacts to the ad. I hope they enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed shooting it.”

The film opens with Vinay Pathak, the father, cleaning the monster truck while his daughter, on seeing this, asks him what he is up to. The father is seen explaining that he has bought the monster truck to win the race. On being asked which race, he responds that he aims to win the “race of life”. The daughter, played by Vedika Nawani, shakes her head in disbelief and reaches out for a SNICKERS® bar from her bag. The film ends with the father realizing his mistake when he eats the bar of SNICKERS®, while a voice over narrates – ‘Jab insaan bhookh se totally pagla jae, usse SNICKERS® pakadaye’. The film wraps up with the father inquiring about the return policy for the monster truck while indulging in SNICKERS®.

On the campaign, Josy Paul, Chairman and CCO of BBDO India, said, “We built on the long-running global idea and human truth: when you’re hungry, you’re just not yourself. The task was to refresh it for immediate impact – something that will be instantly noticed, distinctive and drive salience for SNICKERS®. The monster truck was it! The incongruity is intriguing! Why has our hero bought a monster truck? A-ha, it’s a hunger pang! And, of course, SNICKERS® is the substantial, nut-filled bar that has always been known for satisfying hunger pangs!”

The film is available in nine languages including Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telegu, Bengali, Oriya, Gujrati and Marathi. The Hindi version can be viewed here.

Campaign Details/ Agency credits: BBDO India

  • Agency: Josy Paul, Nikhil Mahajan, Jazryk Gill, Tanushree Paul
  • Production House: Flare India
  • Producer: Namann Pal
  • Director: Kunal Pardeshi

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