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Sonu Sood Joins Pepsi Campaign

MediaInfoline June 3, 2020

Acclaimed Bollywood actor and real-life hero, Sonu Sood joins Pepsi® in its video campaign that aims at championing the cause of contactless greetings and encourages adherence to social distancing norms through a simple act of doing salaam/ namaste. With this video, Sonu Sood joins Dabangg co-actor, Pepsi brand ambassador and his friend & Bollywood superstar Salman Khan who kicked off the digital-forward campaign last week.

Sonu Sood shared a fun Instagram video in which he is seen dancing to the tunes of SWAG SE SOLO. In the video, he brings alive the message to his fans and to the nation that greeting each other with Salaam/Namaste is a perfect way to ensure social distancing and yet maintain connections responsibly.

Sonu Sood’s collaboration with Pepsi® for a social cause in these trying times comes as no surprise as the actor has emerged as a real-life hero in the past few weeks. The actor has helped hundreds and thousands of migrant workers stranded in different parts of the country owing to the lockdown. Sood has left no stone unturned in maximizing his efforts to help the migrant workers by providing transportation, food supplies and more than that, hope.

On the association Actor, Sonu Sood, said, “I am proud to partner with Pepsi in driving the message to maintain social distancing thereby encouraging people to be responsible citizens. As we embrace the new normal, social distancing is the need of the hour and as public figures, it is our responsibility to communicate the importance of ensuring safety for ourselves and others. The act of greeting with Salaam and Namaste is simple yet effective and I have huge respect for people who are abiding by these contactless forms of greetings with Swag.” – Actor, Sonu Sood.

Speaking on the campaign, PepsiCo India spokesperson said, “Pepsi® as a responsible brand, aims to champion the cause of contactless greetings by encouraging people to use Salaam/Namaste. With social distancing being the new reality, we would need to re-evaluate the way we greet each other and through the video, we want to encourage people to act responsibly as they imbibe traditional greetings to communicate.”

To watch the video on Sonu Sood’s Instagram handle, click here.


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