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The Spartan Poker launches #Don’tBurnCashEarnCash campaign

MediaInfoline October 31, 2018

The Spartan Poker is bringing forth another phenomenal Poker campaign for aficionados spread across in the country. This latest initiative by The Spartan Poker called #DontBurnCashEarnCash is extremely well thought of having being centered around the festive season of Diwali. With the festival of lights being just a few days away, the campaign also serves as timely activity considering the fact that Poker gaming witness a remarkable upsurge during the festive season.

The idea behind the #DontBurnCashEarnCash campaign is to appeal to all Poker players and the general crowd alike that their hard-earned money should be spent wisely. The Spartan Poker promotes well-planned and logical spending in the sense that money should not be expended but invested. The campaign urges people to indulge themselves in activities which could see the money they invest multiply rather than spending it on things. Through this campaign, The Spartan Poker also highlights the fact that how Poker could also be one of the activities which can help people see their money increase. What drives people to the poker table is the game being all about a true test of skills and your presence of mind. Realizing you have earned enough for the moment and not wanting to experience a potential loss in the future, the game also provides one with the option to leave the table whenever they wish to do so.

Commenting on the launch of #DontBurnCashEarnCash Poker Badshah and Co-Founder and MD of The Spartan Poker, Mr. Amin Rozani said “During the festive season of Diwali, we have seen people having a tendency to squander money without allocation and thought. This habit shares a lot with the tendencies seen in gambling since there is absolutely no guarantee on investment or the returns against the money invested that these individuals are making. On the contrary, Poker, if played in the right manner, is certain to reap dividends. We have always tried to create a difference in the society via various campaigns that we have implemented. We are positive that this campaign too will be received with much love and affection from our loyal fan base of poker players across the country”.

As part of the #Don’tBurnCashEarnCash campaign, The Spartan Poker will be running many contests on the radio and digital platforms, which shall reach out to interested and avid poker players across the country.


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