Sugarlite Launches ’Sugar Badlo Health Badlo’ Campaign


Zydus Wellness recently launched a new TVC campaign titled, Sugar Badlo, Health Badlo for its premium sugar brand, Sugarlite. Launched in 2019, Sugarlite is a first of its kind natural sugar which delivers 50% less calories than regular sugar for the same sweetness. Sugarlite caters to health seekers and homemakers who seek a healthier sugar so that they don’t have to cut it down completely.

As per the latest trend, consumers are being more health conscious and making better life choices in terms of lifestyle and diet. The key objective of this TVC campaign Sugar Badlo, Health Badlo is to emphasize on the benefits of Sugarlite Sugar that delivers 50% less calories compared to regular sugar for the same degree of sweetness.
The TVC depicts the relationship between a couple and showcases the wife’s smartness in ensuring her husband’s good health and well-being in a light-hearted and witty style. A simple unnoticeable change in the everyday sugar can make a drastic difference and improve weight-management. Most of the Indian recipes involves sugar as a key ingredient as taste plays a significant role for Indian consumers. Therefore, Sugarlite sugar provides the sweetness of regular sugar with only half the quantity without compromising on taste. The pan-India TVC will launch on 23rd January, 2020.

Speaking about the TVC, Tarun Arora, CEO, Zydus Wellness Ltd said, “With changing consumer demand and trends, Zydus Wellness has always offered solutions that enable consumers to make better choices and embrace a healthier lifestyle, and been a pioneer at doing so. Currently, the sugar space in India needs to be redefined given that the audience is increasingly becoming health-conscious and regular sugar being the root cause of various health problems. With sugar being an inevitable ingredient in Indian households, our priority is to support efforts to reduce the regular sugar consumption and provide a healthier sugar option with fewer calories without compromising on the taste’’

Conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson, the TVC has a light-hearted take on the relationship between an Indian couple and their on-going concerns around health, especially weight. The film showcases Sugarlite as a versatile product that is used by homemakers who are the gatekeepers of good health for families.

Commenting on this Samarth Shrivastava, Sr. VP & Executive Business Director, Wunderman Thompson Mumbai said, “In last couple of years there has been a steady shift towards healthier alternatives in the food category. We tried to capture that shift in consumer belief and their values around food choices through this TVC. Sugarlite is like a magical wand for modern homemakers, it empowers them to take care of health and wellness of their family without compromising on taste.”

The TVC will be aired in 7 languages and will be amplified further on digital and social media.

You can view the TVC.

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