Sunfeast Mom’s Magic and Ogilvy Bangalore create a campaign for Teacher’s Day

Ogilvy Logo June 2018

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic was launched in 2014. The range of Sunfeast Mom’s Magic cookies are positioned as a platform to savour relationships while having a strong focus on the mother-child relationship throughout its brand history.
Commercials for the brand in the past have focused on delightful moments between mother and child, or the instances where children most reminisce the magic their moms provide in their lives. As the brand moved forward while witnessing the positioning strike a chord with its audience, it then widened its platform to celebrate the ‘mom in each one of us’ – a space that opened up new conversations.
On the occasion ofTeachers Day, Sunfeast Mom’s Magic picked up a wonderful insight on how one’s teachers have also played the role of a mother to many.
The beauty of this film lies in the simplicity of the idea. A loving and caring teacher is the closest one can get to a mother’s love and affection. The film drives home this simple thought through an understated but magical bond between a class teacher and one of her little students. It’s real and nuanced, never tries too hard to deliver a message.

Mahesh Gharat, CCO South, Ogilvy: There was such a simple but beautiful insight in the film that we wanted to tell the story in as simple a narrative as possible. We wanted to keep it real and focus on the nuances. Even the actors were free to improvise and interpret their parts and they did that with aplomb. I have always believed that magic happens only if you keep it real.

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Group Chief Creative Officer & Vice Chairman:SonalDabral
Chief Creative Officers: Mahesh Gharat&AzazulHaque
Copywriters:NilayMoonje, Souvik Banerjee
Executive Vice President and Head of Advertising, South:Tithi Ghosh
Account Management: AkshathaPoojari, Kunal Shete, K.C. Matthew
Planning:VivasNandhakumar, Mrrinali Gupta
Production House: Box OfficeDirector: Aman Sachdeva
Producers: PorusKhareghat, Vikas Malhotra&Rajib Baruah
Music: Anand Bajpai

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