Supari Studios’ latest campaign for leading D2C personal care brand Arata for curly-haired community

Supari Studios’ latest campaign for leading D2C personal care brand Arata for curly-haired community

Award-winning Supari Studios has collaborated with leading D2C vegan, chemical-free personal care brand Arata for crafting a brand launch campaign by featuring its Advanced Curl Care Curly Hair Gel . The content studio has created an online ad that captures genuine, personal and relatable moments that curly-haired women face with their hair in everyday life. At the same time, the ad effectively showcases how Arata is a brand that is an intrinsic part of this curly journey with Taapsee Pannu, the brand’s first celebrity ambassador, for their Advanced Curl Care Curly Hair Gel, uninhibitedly and unapologetically flaunting her curls.

Previously, conventional beauty standards—that are restrictive and exclusive of those who don’t fit the mould—have inundated the mainstream beauty ethos. However, brands such as Arata are breaking this mold and reinforcing diversity and inclusivity in the beauty sphere. Moreover, Arata’s Curly Hair Gel is designed to provide care and nourishment that considerably few other products can. Bearing this in mind, Supari Studios crafted a visual narrative for Arata that depicts the brand’s way of empowering and celebrating natural curls with its Curly Hair Gel.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mitali Sharma – VP Content Production / Supari Studios said, “To deliver an authentic online ad, we conducted several interviews with people who have curly hair, only to notice that they share a special and unique bond with their hair. A substantial amount of emotions have been invested in their hair, a significant journey of lows and highs before finally culminating into immense self-love. By illustrating how Arata hair care products understand the specific needs of the curly-haired community, the film further encourages them to fall in love with their curls all over again.

Anvita Arora – AVP, Brand Partnerships – Supari Studios added, We’re thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to have collaborated with Arata for their campaign. The beauty and personal care market is one of India’s fastest-growing D2C segments, driven by a myriad of factors, including a conscious shift towards chemical-free and environment-friendly products. For the campaign, we sought to understand the customers’ relationship with their curly hair and the society’s perception of it and represent that in a bold, positive statement, a war cry for the community to be ‘Curly and Proud.”

Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin – Founders, Arata mentioned, “Our idea was to change the narrative that declared sleek, straight hair as the way to go. We set out to showcase what curly hair was capable of morphing into when given the chance, instead of dooming them to the flat-iron fate. The aim was to make the curly haired community feel empowered, heard, and understood.   

We are thrilled to partner with the award-winning Supari Studios for our Advanced Curl Care Curly Hair Gel campaign. Their innovative storytelling has beautifully brought our campaign philosophy alive, showing everyone that the definition of beautiful isn’t confined to straight hair. 

Moreover, we’re delighted to have Taapsee Pannu on board as Arata’s CurlFriend – for the new Advanced Curl Care Curly Hair Gel. We love how authentic she is and how she embraces her curls in their true form!” 

Recent years have seen a paradigm shift amongst consumers towards natural, organic personal care products as opposed to products that rely on parabens, phthalates and other chemicals. Owing to this revolution in the beauty and wellness landscape, several brands now cater to this rising demand for organic and environmentally conscious products, which is only expected to experience further exponential growth. With the perfect blend of creativity and innovation, Supari Studios have conceptualized and built a disruptive campaign for Arata and strived to mark the homegrown brand as a differentiator in the ever-growing and ever-dynamic personal care industry.

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