Swiggy’s Instamart Launches ‘Instapur’ Campaign with Cyrus Sahukar

Swiggy's Instamart Launches 'Instapur' Campaign with Cyrus Sahukar


Swiggy’s Instamart has launched a new brand campaign titled ‘Instapur’ featuring Cyrus Sahukar, showcasing how the quick commerce grocery delivery service fulfills the everyday needs of Indian households in minutes.


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A Whimsical Journey into Convenience with Swiggy Instamart’s ‘Instapur’

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is of paramount importance, especially when it comes to satisfying our everyday needs. Swiggy Instamart, with its latest brand campaign titled ‘Instapur’, takes us on a whimsical journey into a world where anything is possible and groceries are delivered in minutes. By introducing us to the fictional kingdom of Instapur, Swiggy Instamart showcases its ability to fulfill the requirements of Indian households effortlessly.

The campaign, led by the talented actor Cyrus Sahukar, strikes a perfect balance between relatable situations and subtle humor, making it a treat to watch. With a mix of TV spots, Swiggy Instamart portrays the weekly and monthly needs of an average Indian household in a fantasy universe. From groceries, vegetables, and fruits to baby care and cleaning products, Instamart offers a wide range of options that can be delivered to your doorstep in no time.

The concept of Instapur, a fictitious kingdom set in a bygone era, adds a touch of charm and nostalgia to the campaign. Within Instapur, we meet colorful characters like the king, queen, crown prince, council of ministers, soldiers, and loyal subjects. The king, in particular, is portrayed as a wise but comical character who finds himself in hilarious situations while trying to fulfill his everyday essentials.

In the first film, we witness the king’s departure to wage war, only to be confronted by his queen with the reminder to finish ordering their monthly groceries. Thanks to Instamart, the king is able to fulfill his wife’s request effortlessly, ensuring a smooth departure. The second film takes a surprising turn as the king orders snacks and beverages on Instamart to enjoy while watching his ministers engage in a friendly brawl. The unexpected twist showcases the quirky and lighthearted nature of the campaign.

Beyond these two films, the campaign also highlights various other categories on Instamart, such as fruits & vegetables, cleaning products, and baby care products. By offering a diverse range of options, Swiggy Instamart aims to cater to the unique needs of every Indian household.

What sets this campaign apart is its ability to blend fantasy with reality seamlessly. While Instapur is a fictional universe, the scenarios depicted in the campaign are reminiscent of everyday situations we encounter. Whether it’s forgetting to buy groceries on time or craving snacks during our favorite TV shows, Instamart truly lives up to its promise of instantly fulfilling our everyday needs.

Swiggy Instamart’s ‘Instapur’ campaign serves as a reminder that convenience doesn’t have to be mundane. It infuses a sense of excitement and adventure into the otherwise mundane task of grocery shopping. By presenting Instamart as a reliable and efficient service set in a charming kingdom, Swiggy has successfully created a positive and engaging narrative around their quick commerce grocery delivery service.

In conclusion, the ‘Instapur’ campaign showcases Swiggy Instamart’s commitment to providing convenience and reliability to Indian households. Through a magical and humorous lens, the campaign transports us into a world where groceries are delivered in minutes, making us feel like royalty. Swiggy Instamart’s Instapur is a delightful journey that brings a positive and refreshing perspective to our everyday needs.


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Swiggy Instamart’s welcomes you to the world of INSTAPUR, no matter the time period, we all need groceries in minutes

Instamart, Swiggy’s quick commerce grocery delivery service has launched a multi-platform brand campaign titled ‘Instapur’ featuring popular VJ and actor Cyrus Sahukar.

The campaign features a mix of 25-second TV spots created to portray the weekly and monthly needs of a typical Indian household. Set in a fantasy universe but using very relatable situations, and paired with Swiggy’s characteristic subtle humour, the ads showcase how Instamart is the go-to place to get a wide range of groceries, vegetables, fruits, baby care, cleaning products etc, delivered in minutes.

With Instamart you have the power of summoning anything you need instantly. In other words, you truly get to feel a like a king. This insight gave birth to Instapur, a fictitious kingdom set somewhere in India and sometime in the past. Instapur is full of colourful characters – a king, a queen, a crown prince, a council of ministers, soldiers, and its loving subjects.

The king of Instapur is a stern and wise character but inadvertently finds himself in some hilarious situations whenever he has the need to get his everyday essentials.

In the first film, the king is leaving his palace to wage a war when his queen comes up to him. He thinks that she has come to give him a heartfelt send-off and wish him luck but instead, much to his chagrin, she wants him to finish ordering their monthly groceries before he leaves. Thankfully the king has Instamart with him, and he does his wife’s bidding in the blink of an eye.

The second film opens with two ministers fighting. The king intervenes and asks them to stop. He then orders snacks and beverages on Instamart. For a moment we think the king meant well but we are in for a surprise as he asks the ministers to resume fighting. And he gets set to watch the entertainment enjoying his chips and cola!

In addition to these two films, the campaign also features some fun films highlighting the various other categories on Instamart- ‘Fruits & Vegetables’, ‘Cleaning products’ and ‘Baby care products’. The master campaign is in Hindi with multiple language dubs across 7+ languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada & more.

Commenting on the new campaign that spans TV, digital, print, and outdoor, Aparna Giridhar, VP Marketing at Swiggy said, “While this is set in a fictitious world, the scenarios occur in our everyday lives. Whether you forget to get groceries on time or need your munchies when you watch your favourite shows or any other category you consume, Instamart is always the answer to instantly let you fulfill your everyday needs that truly make you live it up like Royalty.”

Deepan Ramachandran, Founder and Creative Head- Mind Your Language, said “The quick commerce industry is a growing sector in India right now. It is a category that is easily understood by the consumer. What the category needs is a bag full of disruption to create salience. And that’s what we have attempted to do with this magical universe of Instapur.”

You can watch the brand film here:

To watch Film 1 click here

To watch Film 2 click here

Team Credits:

Swiggy Instamart Brand team:

Aparna Giridhar

Bharath V

Arjun Ravisanker

Neil Dsouza

Ashwin Mazumdar

Anisha Wilkinson

Tanvi Sudir

Deepali G Puranik

Creative Agency : Mind Your Language

Creative Directors: Deepan Ramachandran and Pandiyaraj

Copywriter: Aparna Sen

Art: Sandeep CG, Joshua Chakravarthy and Siva Subramani

Client Servicing: Maria Xavier Vinod, Sharvani Sadhu and Asha Menon

Production House: Paper Plane Pictures

Director – Ujjwal Kabra

Producer – Lisa DCosta & Amrita Mahindroo


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