TagZ Foods unravels the secret behind Shikhar Dhawan’s no moustache look

TagZ Foods unravels the secret behind Shikhar Dhawan’s no moustache look

TagZ Foods, the leading popped potato chips brand, unveils its latest brand campaign- #GabbarKiMoochoKoKyaHua featuring Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan. The release happens after recent news on Dhawan being roped in as the brand ambassador and investor in TagZ, one of the fastest growing D2C snack brands.

The campaign takes a unique and creative approach to address Shikhar’s recent transformation, shedding light on the backstory behind the disappearance of his iconic handlebar moustache. Shikhar Dhawan has been widely recognized for his distinctive handlebar moustache. However, Dhawan has been recently seen without his trademark moustache, leaving fans curious about the reason behind this unexpected change.

In a playful twist, TagZ has not only leveraged Shikhar Dhawan’s popularity but also designed the entire #GabbarKiMoochoKoKyaHua campaign around this personal development in Shikhar’s life to drive home the point around their product’s core functional benefit -‘Less oil, less fat aur phir bhi tasty chips’

One of the best parts about the campaign is that it is a completely in-house effort by the startup, featuring TagZ team members including the co-founder Sagar Bhalotia as a TV news reporter.

Campaign Link: No Mooch Bani Breaking News – #GabbarKiMoochoKoKyaHua

According to the campaign narrative, the brand cleverly weaves a story that connects his new look to a lost bet. Shikhar is seen recalling a bet he lost with his friends that if he were to find a snack that has less oil, less fat and yet tasty, he would shave off his iconic moustache. The campaign’s storyline artfully incorporates TagZ popped potato chips with 50% less fat as the ultimate reason behind Dhawan’s loss, subtly integrating the unique selling proposition of the product.

Anish Basu Roy, Co-founder CEO at TagZ Foods said – “We are thrilled to collaborate with the charismatic Shikhar Dhawan for our latest brand campaign. By playfully addressing Shikhar’s personal development and creatively incorporating our product, we aim to create a relatable story around the fitment of our products. This association with Shikhar as our brand ambassador showcases our commitment to providing fitter yet tasty snacking experiences.”

The brand campaign featuring Shikhar Dhawan will be rolled out across various media channels, including digital and print.

On being an investor and the brand ambassador for TagZ, Shikhar Dhawan said – “I was attracted to TagZ Foods due to its innovative approach in the food industry, particularly its focus on healthy and sustainable options. I believe in promoting a balanced lifestyle, and TagZ Foods aligns with my vision of supporting businesses that prioritise health and well-being.”

The entire campaign is a trendsetter around how celebrity sports persons will be engaging with purposeful upcoming brands by not just endorsing them but deeply integrating with them through investments and personal story-telling. The campaign also epitomises how startups can leverage celebrity reach and combine in-house execution capabilities to great effect.

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