Tanishq presents blessed gold – #DuaKaSona

Tanishq presents DuaKaSona

Tanishq has launched an interesting campaign which essentially highlights the #GoodnessOfTanishq and communicates the message that when you choose Tanishq, you choose gold that is enveloped with the blessings of every life it has touched.

Conceptualized by WYP Brand Solutions, the campaign comprises of a series of videos which beautifully portrays emotions and couples it with rationality, thus bringing alive the concept of ‘blessed Gold’ or ‘Dua Ka Sona.’

The campaign brings to light the ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices employed by the brand since its inception. Just like its parent company Tata, Tanishq has always been associated with goodness. The brand has taken sincere and proactive steps to uplift and support the lives of its Karigars, to build an environment-friendly system and in the end give back to the society. Tanishq walks the complete mile for ensuring healthy and dignified working conditions for the karigars. The brand also runs several initiatives for empowering women, for instance enabling the first ever all –women’s self-help karigar group, providing skilling and livelihood opportunities to women and supporting the education of girl children through the Titan Kanya initiative. Tanishq also works towards creating a more sustainable future by using recycled gold, recycling water and using renewable energy at all manufacturing units. These very blessings from the karigars, the numerous women who have benefitted from the initiatives and from the environment as a whole is what makes it ‘DuaKaSona.’

The campaign has three films which is also available in 7 vernacular languages ensuring a great connect with the consumers. In the signature Tanishq style, the videos beautifully highlight the sentiments in the context of a wedding, the naming ceremony of a baby girl and that of a young girl gifting jewellery to her mother.

The videos on ‘Dua Ka Sona’:

  • Blessed by Women: here
  • Blessed by Nature: here
  • Blessed by Karigars: here

Speaking about the film, Deepika Tewari, Associate Vice President – Marketing, Jewellery Division at Titan Company Limited said, “The campaign ‘Dua Ka Sona’ is an attempt to highlight Tanishq’s relentless commitment to various entities– environment, karigars, women and girl child. Being in Indian market for over two decades and serving millions of customers, through this campaign we wanted to bring alive the blessings and love that is reflected in our jewellery by all the beautiful hands it touches. For us, making these ‘Goodness of Tanishq’ films and working on delivering the thought behind them has been an emotional journey and we are confident these videos create a sense of responsiveness to society as a whole.”

Quoting about the film, Amit Akali, MD & CCO, WYP Brand Solutions– What’s Your Problem, the agency behind the communication explain, “It’s an honour to create communication for an iconic brand, which has a deeper purpose to exist. Tanishq has not just been crafting jewellery but building the lives of Karigars, communities, future of destitute women, school and, a sustainable future too. So when we got the opportunity to bring alive everything this brand does, we went about it the classical way – actually visiting the factories and townships, speaking to the Karigars, employees, the school-going children of their workers, meeting & listening to the women they had empowered through their NGO’s, witnessing their initiatives implemented for recycling water and using renewable energy, trying to understand the magnitude of what the brand did other than just make jewellery. We then realised what the brand meant when they said every piece of jewellery was ‘Truly Blessed’…and the creative wrote themselves”.

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