Tanishq’s Rivaah unveils ‘A Jewel for every Tradition’ in their new campaign

Rivaah by Tanishq brings new campaign

Jewellery, ritualistic traditions ad weddings are closely connected to each other in India. For this wedding season, India’s most trusted and loved jewellery brand, Tanishq’s sub-brand Rivaah unveils a new brand proposition with a heartening emotional campaign film – ‘A Jewel for every Tradition’.

The beautiful rituals are the soul of a wedding and every piece of wedding jewellery is a symbol of these rituals. Tanishq’s Rivaah understands this very emotional and unveils the new brand proposition of ‘A JEWEL FOR EVERY TRADITION’ for the millennial brides-to-be.

The meaning and significance of every ritual & jewellery the bride wears are beautifully communicated through the new proposition from Rivaah by Tanishq. Today’s brides want to wholeheartedly celebrate and participate in her wedding and with this thought process, this new proposition has been brought alive through a beautiful story filled with symbolism & emotion. While being closely participative and true to her progressive self, the modern Indian bride wishes to immerse herself into the ritualistic and traditional realm of weddings.

A series of brides are showcased in the new campaign are from six communities – Punjabi, Bihari, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil. Conceptualised by Tanishq and Lowe Lintas, the stories showcase cultural diversity inherent to Indian weddings, they sync up to deliver a coherent message – our rich heritage that forms the backbone of our weddings.

Watch the film here.

Speaking about the campaign, Ranjani Krishnaswamy, GM – Marketing, Tanishq, Titan Company Ltd, said “Weddings are undeniably one of the most memorable moments of our lives and wedding jewellery holds a special place in our hearts as it embodies priceless sentiments, symbolizes our diverse ethnicities & the richness of our traditions. Rivaah by Tanishq celebrates this richness and diversity of Indian weddings from the lens of a National Local Jeweller. Rivaah by Tanishq has a wide range of stunning handcrafted bridal jewellery trousseau for today’s millennial bride. The Rivaah bride is classic in her wish to immerse herself in her wedding rituals while also being closely participative in understanding their symbolism.”

“With the proposition of  ‘A Jewel for Every Tradition’ we speak to this new-age confident bride, who is modern in her outlook yet deeply rooted in traditional values, bringing alive the meaning and significance of every piece of jewellery in her bridal trousseau.”

“Be it the Shakha Pola bangles or the Jadanagam, be it the Nath or the Maang Tikka – each has a significant role to play in a bride’s trousseau. As a marker of auspicious beginnings, each piece invokes divine blessings and celebrates the beautiful journey our brides are to take.”

Quoting the film, Sagar Kapoor- Chief Creative Officer – Lowe Lintas says Most pieces of wedding jewellery have a role to play in the rituals. The campaign aims at bringing this relationship alive, between the pieces of jewellery and their link to tradition from a wedding perspective. It speaks about the bride of today who is keen to understand this relationship and hence enjoy the ritual much more.”

The first Rivaah campaign that was released was much celebrated digital film which captured tender moments between fathers and daughters launched in 2017.


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Ranjani Krishnaswamy General Manager, Marketing – Tanishq Lowe Lintas Sagar Kapoor – Chief Creative Officer Sonali Khanna – Executive Director and Branch Head – South Kishore Subramanian – Regional Director – South Crazy Few Films Sharat Kumar
Isha Sapra Senior Marketing Manager – Tanishq   Arpan Bhattacharya – Unit Creative Director Aditi Rungachary – Vice President Easo John – Vice President    
Upasana Babu Marketing Manager – Tanishq     Vandana Menon – Senior Brand Services Manager Namrata Sukumar – Senior Brand Planning Director    


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