Tata Steel Aashiyana launched a campaign Love finds a Home

Tata Steel Aashiyana launched a campaign Love finds a Home

Tata Steel Ashiyana is the country’s first online platform helping home builders build their own homes. It has now launched Valentine’s Day campaign Love finds a Home. The campaign comes with the saying, “bring all your love to build your dream home and we will bring the rest to make it a reality”.

Through Love finds a Home, Tata Steel Aashiyana tells how home helps relationships evolve into love. The ad film of the campaign shows that love bloom, evolve, and stays protected in a place called – HOME. The ad film shows the journey of two friends who became closer and then fell into love and got married. The couple then picturized their home as the center of their everyday going-stronger relationship. The ad also informs that Tata Steel Aashiyana is providing their wide range of offerings and the building blocks of a home, starting from steel doors (Tata Pravesh), rebars (Tata Tiscon), etc.

On the launch of the campaign, Satyajit Maity, Chief Marketing, BPRS B2C, M&S Branded Products Retail & Solutions says, “Tata Steel Aashiyana has always aimed to help the independent home builders build their own home with our branded offerings. Through our Valentine’s Day campaign, which is a digital ad film, we wish to signify the message that, ‘Love is just like Home and here’s your chance to give your Love a Home of its own’. It showcases the eternal bond between two individuals keeping their home at the center point. The film is a beautiful way to show how Tata Steel Aashiyana can make your dreams of a home come true. We are glad to announce that the film has received an overwhelming response from the masses and we look forward to helping and motivate every homemaker to have a home of his own and make Tata Steel Aashiyana a brand that is synonymous with building homes in India.”

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