TATA Tea Premium’s Odisha TV Campaign Celebrates Odia People’s Grit


Odisha is getting a brand new tea flavour courtesy Tata Tea who have launched an exclusive television campaign for their premium Assam chai. 

TATA Tea Premium, one of India’s leading tea brand and the flagship brand from Tata Consumer Products today, introduced a new ‘Odisha -specific’ communication campaign.

  •  Tata Tea Premium had been relaunched with a refreshed look, earlier this year – with a Odisha-specific packaging that celebrates the pride and culture of the state. 
  • This is now followed by a campaign which highlights the proposition ‘Kadak Iraadon vale Odisha ke liye Kadak Assam Chai’.

This is a unique strategy taken by the brand to cater to the specific needs of particular states by offering special premium teas based on their taste preference. In Odisha, they are offering a curated blend of Assam Tea that appeals to the palate of odia people  

Catering To the Taste of Odisha

Odiya people are often perceived to be quiet and gentle. The new communication campaign  “Kadak Iraadon vale Odisha ke liye Kadak Assam Chai” breaks the outsider’s perception of Odiyas being ­-gentle people; and brings alive the positive insider’s truth that when it comes to their strong will power and resolve they are unmatched and overcome any situation put before them. This ‘kadak spirit’ of Odiya people, complements the Kadak tea preference of Tata Tea Premium.

Speaking about the launch, Puneet Das, Senior Vice President – Marketing – Packaged Beverages, India, Tata Consumer Products, said, “Tata Tea Premium has been the No. 1 tea brand in Odisha and has always connected with the Odias at an emotive level. Our tea expertise has been catering to local taste preferences and we are known for offering blends basis consumer’s taste preferences in various geographies across India. This has made Tata Tea Premium one of the leading packaged tea brand across India, and specially in Odisha, across all these years. Today, while being ‘Desh ki Chai’ Tata Tea Premium celebrates the ‘kadak spirit’ of Odisha and has showcased this pride of Odisha in its new packaging and communication, which is made specially for the region.”  

Celebrating the Valor of Odia People

The Mullen Lintas group conceptualised digital film sheds light on the people of Odisha. It shows how the coastal state which if often battered by cyclones braves situations and takes charge when needed without indulging in unnecessary confrontation

The protagonist of the film is an Odia Police Officer who along with her son tries to take out his scooter but is blocked by neighbours car parked outside their gate. The son is angry but his mother doesn’t want to get into an unnecessary tiff. Later we see the woman getting an urgent call from her office where she has to rescue cyclone stranded people. 

The film opens on a mother and her son who are trying to take their scooter out of their own house but due to their neighbours car being parked outside their gate are unable to do so. While the son Is livid as this keeps happening time and time again the mother does not want to get into needless arguments and would rather let it go. Here the woman shows her strong resolve in leading the evaçuation procedure. 

After all is done, she gets home and brews a strong cup of TATA Tea for herself while her son reads the tale of her mother’s valor published in the morning newspaper. But the woman remains her usual humble nonchalant self. 

Through this ad, TATA Tea showcases the strong-willed nature of Odia people just like their strong Assam chai. 

Watch the film here

  • The brand has also launched a new red vibrant pack, specifically designed for Odisha market that tries to capture the spirit & pride of Odisha.
  •  Tata Tea Premium’s packaging showcases the cultural nuances of the state – highlighting classical dance Odissi, the very famous Dhauli and Sun temple at Konark.
  •  With this new pack, Tata Tea Premium highlights Odisha’s rich culture and heritage, evoking the regional pride of people of Odisha.


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