Tata Tiscon and Wunderman Thompson Encourage Informed Choices for Homebuilders

: Tata Tiscon and Wunderman Thompson campaign promoting informed choices for homebuilders.


Tata Tiscon and Wunderman Thompson have launched a campaign to educate homebuilders about the benefits of Tata Tiscon 550SD rebars, urging them to make smart and informed purchase decisions for their dream homes.


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Tata Tiscon and Wunderman Thompson’s Ingenious Campaign to Educate Homebuilders

The recent campaign launched by Tata Tiscon, in collaboration with Wunderman Thompson India, comes as a breath of fresh air in the home building industry. With a positive bias towards informing and guiding homebuilders in making smarter choices, this campaign breaks away from the norm and takes a consumer-centric approach.

The home building industry in India often overlooks the importance of customer involvement when it comes to selecting building materials. While people spend significant time and effort on choosing home designs and interiors, decisions regarding building materials are usually left to the contractors. This lack of customer engagement leads to a reliance on fringe benefits rather than the real product benefits.

Recognizing this issue, Tata Tiscon’s latest campaign aims to bridge the gap by educating and empowering homebuilders to make informed purchasing decisions. Through a series of three TV commercials, the campaign features a friendly neighborhood engineer as the spokesperson who highlights the superiority of Tata Tiscon’s 550SD rebars. By digging deeper into the technical specifications and benefits of these rebars, the engineer persuades viewers to consider the quality and strength of Tata Tiscon over other options.

What sets this campaign apart is its departure from the typical celebrity-driven promotions that saturate the industry. Instead, it focuses on elevating the engineer as the ultimate luminary, acknowledging their unparalleled technical knowledge and expertise. By doing so, Wunderman Thompson India has created relatable characters and storylines set in small-town India, effectively conveying the technical arguments in a simple and endearing manner.

The success of this campaign lies not only in its execution but also in its consumer-centric approach. Tata Tiscon and Wunderman Thompson understand that not all homebuilders have an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of selecting the right rebar. Therefore, they have taken on the role of a trusted confidant and valuable guide, simplifying industry-specific terminology and ensuring that customers are not overwhelmed with technical jargon.

This campaign not only promotes Tata Tiscon’s 550SD rebars but also strives to enhance the overall home building experience for customers. By facilitating informed choices and providing valuable knowledge, Tata Tiscon demonstrates its commitment to enabling customers to build their dream homes joyfully. This campaign sets a positive example for the industry, showing that brands can prioritize customer education and engagement while promoting their products.

In conclusion, Tata Tiscon and Wunderman Thompson‘s campaign to educate homebuilders is a commendable initiative that brings a fresh perspective to the home building industry. By placing the engineer at the forefront and simplifying technical concepts, the campaign empowers customers to make smarter choices. This approach not only benefits Tata Tiscon as a brand but also elevates the overall consumer experience, making the dream of building a home a more informed and fulfilling one.


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Tata Tiscon and Wunderman Thompson urge homebuilders to make smart and informed choices
While building a home is a dream for many Indians, the home building category is a very low involvement one. People spend a lot of time to choose a home design, or on the interiors, whereas procuring building materials is generally a decision left to the contractor. The science of the category, too, is not easy to understand for the common man. Hence, most purchases are driven by fringe benefits rather than real product benefits.

Tata Tiscon, India’s largest selling TMT rebar brand from the house of Tata Steel, has released a new campaign conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson India to address this concern. Focused on the latest range of 550SD rebars, the 360-degree campaign is built around a set of 3 TVCs where a friendly, neighbourhood engineer educates the home builders and urges them to make an informed purchase decision. Because, only when one digs a little deeper, does one realize that Tata Tiscon 550SD is a much superior TMT rebar.

Speaking of the campaign TVS Shenoy, Chief Commercial Officer, Long Products, Tata Steel, says, “Tata Tiscon has always strived to enable our customers to have a joyful home building experience. This campaign attempts to guide our customers in making informed choices as they build their dream homes.”

S Karthik Narayanan, Chief of Marketing & Sales, Tata Tiscon, says, “It is unfair to expect individual homebuilders to have a thorough understanding of technical specifications required for selection of the right rebar. Hence, it is important for us to guide them in a consumer-centric manner without overloading them with industry-specific terminologies”.

Vijay Jacob Parakkal, Managing Partner, East and South, Wunderman Thompson India, further added, “As the creative and strategy partner for Tata Tiscon right from its inception, our communication approach has mirrored that of a trusted confidant, a source of wisdom, and an invaluable guide for our consumers. Amidst a sea of celebrity-driven promotions saturating our industry, we have recognized that the engineer reigns supreme as the ultimate luminary. Consequently, we have chosen to elevate the engineer to the forefront of our brand, acknowledging their unparalleled technical knowledge and expertise upon which we all rely.”

Arjun Mukherjee, VP & Sr. Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson Kolkata, commented, “Many brands use scientists and engineers to establish the superiority of their product. We made a twist to this format by making the expert an in-house, and next-door voice of advice. The stories are set in small-town India, with endearing characters that drive home the technical argument, simply.”

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Client: Tata Tiscon

Chief Commercial Office: TVS Shenoy

Chief of Marketing & Sales: Karthik Narayanan

Brand Team: Hemant Bhargava, Anik Bhowmik, Shivam Paliwal, Debali Mukherjee

Agency: Wunderman Thompson South Asia

SVP & Managing Partner: Vijay Jacob Parakkal

VP & Sr. ECD: Arjun Mukherjee

Creative Team: Aniket Chattopadhyay, Moeinuk Sengupta, Sarasij Dasgupta

Business Team: Soumya Chattopadhyay, Arko Majumdar, Tridipta Dey

Production House: Now Films

Director: Anwar Sayeed

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