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Tetra Pak’s digital campaign takes you behind the scenes

MediaInfoline March 20, 2017

Tetra Pak, the world’s leading packaging and processing solutions provider, today launched a digital film ‘Safe for Sure’  to educate consumers about the technology behind a carton of milk that makes the milk safe for consumption. With a young girl at its center, the 90 second film highlights a universal trait in mothers to be doubly sure about the quality and the safety of food that the family consumes. Conceptualized and created by Webchutney, the film builds on Tetra Pak’s promise of making safe food available to everyone. The campaign drives home the message that UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) treated milk in six-layer Tetra Pak cartons is safe and needs no preservatives.

The film attempts to debunk myths such associated with carton milk and presents the real picture in an engaging format. Through a relatable and personalized scene from the daily life of a mother-daughter duo, the film provides a virtual tour of a factory showcasing the complete UHT and six layer packaging process.

Saumya Tyagi, Director Marketing- India & South Asia Markets at Tetra Pak says, “Through this film, we wish to educate consumers about the safety and benefits of carton milk. We want to showcase to the consumers, especially mothers, the process that goes behind carton milk production and bust myths such as presence of preservatives. The Tetra Pak logo on a carton should be viewed as a mark of trust, and as a sign that it is Safe, For Sure. ”

Jaideep Gokhale, Director Communications, India & South Asia Markets, Tetra Pak says, “Studies have shown that consumers, especially mothers, are very concerned about issues of food safety and perhaps do not have the knowledge or tools to make the right safe food choices. At Tetra Pak, we are committed to making food safe and available to everyone, and through campaigns like this, we intend to arm consumers with the right information on subjects like UHT milk so they can make informed choices.”

Moosa Khan, Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney says, “Addressing the perceptual barrier against carton milk, we have leveraged Tetra Pak’s technological prowess to communicate that carton milk is safe for consumption, and contains no preservatives. Since mothers are the custodians of the family’s health, they always try to be doubly sure about everything that impacts the health and well-being of the family. And this is the insight that has driven the Safe, For Sure campaign.”



Brand: Tetra Pak

Creative Agency: Dentsu Webchutney

National Creative Director: Moosa Khan

Duration: 90 sec

Link to the Video:

Description of the film: The film is designed around a common trait of mothers – being over-protective about their children, from packing her daughter’s lunchbox in multiple layers, to boiling her toddler’s bottles several times. The movie begins with a mischievous 5-years old girl going ‘live’, showing the viewers how her mother always wants to be doubly sure about everything that goes on in the household. However, when it comes to milk, all she does is look for the Tetra Pak logo on the carton, and she is assured that the milk is safe, for sure. The film then take us through a virtual tour of a factory demonstrating the UHT and the six layer packaging process that guarantees that the milk is perfectly safe and needs no preservatives.



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