This Shaadi season launches its latest campaign titled ‘Shaadi ka khayal’

This Shaadi season launches its latest campaign titled ‘Shaadi ka khayal’

India’s leading matchmaking platform, has launched its latest campaign titled ‘Shaadi ka khayal’ – which entails a witty and quirky, amusing TVC directed towards singles who could be feeling the FOMO or ‘fear of missing out’ this wedding season.

The short ad film focuses on the Shaadi season, where a lot of single people are attending several wedding ceremonies. For those who are wishing and hoping to marry, the one common feeling that surfaces is that of having their own dreamy wedding and magical moments. And, through this campaign, the brand is trying to capture that sentiment of a single (searching for a life partner) and also trying to encourage every single seeking marriage prospect to sign up to

Link to the ad film:

  1. Watch Here

  2. Watch Here

The platform specializing in matchmaking has touched more than 50 million lives by differentiating itself from other matchmaking platforms through its innovation-led approach. This time again, the concept of the campaign is witty and unique and it arose from the brand’s idea of reinforcing the thought that they are here to aid every eligible single in finding their match and realizing their dreams.

In just a 15-second-long TVC, the brand effectively communicates this message to everyone seeking marriage – wittily yet simply asking them to “Stop dreaming and start acting” and conveying that they are just a click away from finding their life partner.

Talking about the idea behind the campaign, Ekta Checker, Associate Director – Brand Marketing, said, “As, we continue to be inspired by real emotions and insights from consumers and we regularly try to depict it  with a pinch of wit and humour. For this shaadi season also we have tried to portray the sentiment of a single ( looking for a life partner) who goes through an emotional rollercoaster.  As market leaders, we are seen as the defacto choice when it comes to finding a life partner. We’ve just stated it as people see it. Shaadi ka khayal aye, toh pe aayein.”

The film is produced by Forest Films and directed by Ayush Arora.

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