Tiger Balm launches #ToughAsATiger campaign to celebrate ‘Sherni’

Tiger Balm Celebrates ‘Sherni’ Through its #ToughAsATiger Campaign

To pave way for the release of Amazon Prime’s much-awaited upcoming thriller, Sherni, Tiger Balm, one of India’s leading and most trusted analgesic balm brands has launched its #ToughAsATiger campaign.

Sherni is a movie that brings to light the story of a resolute female forest officer who beats all odds to fulfil her duty and Tiger Balm showcases the journey of strong-willed and tough Shernis everywhere with this campaign.

The analgesic brand’s Instagram feed is spectacularly mirroring that of ‘Sherni’ in a spirit of solidarity towards women who can not only endure the pain but win over it.

Tiger Balm, as a brand, has transformed massively over a time of 100+ years across 100+ countries; all the while building an incredible legacy of alleviating pain, discomfort, and their causes. Through changing times, locations and identity, it has created a permanent place of its own in people’s hearts & homes by impacting their lives in ways more than one.

This time, Tiger Balm’s collaborative efforts have encouraged the real-life Shernis to come out of the woods and share their #ToughAsATiger Sherni Moments.

Take a look at the campaign here.

Tiger Balm has risen from the ancient courts of Chinese emperors to worldwide prominence. Through proven oriental wisdom, Tiger Balm aims to deliver health and well being. The company’s belief is that that no one should be constrained from leading a full and active life because of aches, pains, and everyday discomforts.

Tiger Balm’s world renowned ointment has been tried, tested and trusted by generations and is being customized into a range of formulations that suit the specific needs, be it headaches and cold, rheumatic or arthritic pains, or muscle strains and pains. With over 100 years of proven success in almost 100 countries, Tiger Balm assures that whatever the age or lifestyle, it has a remedy made with the users in mind.

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