Trackier registers an 100% revenue jump year on year

Trackier registers an 100% revenue jump year on year

Performance Marketing Solutions provider Trackier has shown a 100% revenue jump since the last year, fueled by Gaming and edTech sectors advertisement surge post-COVID outbreak. The company has added 150 new clients to its ever-increasing customer base. Founded in 2016, the startup offers customizable performance marketing software that enables users to optimize their marketing and advertising campaigns by automating a series of tracking and measurement processes. Trackier’s smart platform helps businesses manage their affiliate marketing, optimize their campaign performance and protect them from affiliate fraud.

With the COVID 19 pandemic giving the industry a major digital push, companies are today spending more than ever before on digital media. The resultant surge in online advertising has also significantly upped the demand for smart performance marketing solutions to enable a more targeted and personalized performance marketing approach. In this scenario, Trackier’s highly customizable offerings, real-time tracking of performance metrics and provision of multiple AdTech solutions on one platform have made it a preferred choice for Ad Networks, Ad Agencies and Advertisers.

“Our constant efforts to provide the industry with one of the best ad-tech solutions have paid off handsomely in the post COVID environment. As organizations increase their digital ad spends manifold, they are seeking smarter and more effective performance marketing solutions to guide their advertising strategies. There has been a consistent and steep growth in demand from the AdTech industry for our services, with Gaming and EdTech sectors leading the surge. At Trackier we have witnessed stupendous growth in the post COVID economy with our revenue more than doubling from USD 2 million in FY 19-20 to USD 5 million in FY 20-21,” said Udit Verma, CMO, Co-founder of Trackier.

The Ad Tech Industry and Ad Networks have particularly shown an increasing penchant towards adopting more advanced features in performance marketing as the industry calls for solutions curated for the evolving needs of the time. With its smart and advanced solutions, Trackier has leveraged the benefits of this demand surge to the fullest.

“Increasingly, advertisers are realizing the need for a more customized approach that achieves better audience segmentation and targeting. Apart from its smart features, automated functionalities and fraud detection mechanism, Trackier’s solutions have attracted the industry for its quality and scalability. Our solutions not only help marketers optimise their campaigns, but also protects them from affiliate fraud. Moreover, our conversion-based pricing model rather than a click-based one gives our clients better ROI and value for money. With new digital based sectors such as gaming, EdTech and e-commerce booming, Trackier was able to grab some of the biggest players in the Ad-Tech industry over last year, on boarding over 150 new clients. The customer growth rate for us has been over 70% yoy,” said Faizan Ayubi, CEO, Co-founder of Trackier.

The Trackier Performance Marketing Platform enables advertisers to create, automate, measure and optimize their marketing campaigns by ensuring their online marketing and advertising efforts are reaching out to their target customers and bearing the targeted results. This in turn enables advertisers to make data-driven decisions effectively and increase their RoI. Trackier provides features like Targeting Control, TIER based payout, Smartlink, Fraud Detection, CAPs management, APIs and a lot more functionalities which help Ad Networks to achieve advancement in the Performance Marketing Industry.Its ‘Smart Optimise’ feature also offers one of the faster reporting systems in the industry for marketers to view their KPIs in real time.

Importantly, the Trackier Performance Marketing Platform enables marketers to create, automate, measure, and optimize all of their marketing campaigns, publishers and advertisers, creatives and conversions in one place. This complete AdTech solution kit gives customers access to multiple solutions on a single platform and rids them of the need to hire different solutions or software’s to meet diverse performance tracking needs.

Boosted by the rising demand for its specialized offerings, Trackier is now prepping to launch a series of new services for its increasing number of clients, including Mobile Marketing and Partnership Marketing solutions on its smart platform.

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