Tummoc ‘Commute Kahani’ Campaign is as Original as it gets

Tummoc ‘Commute Kahani’ Campaign is as Original as it gets

The silicon city of India, has witnessed a surge in the number of people coming to work and reside. But infrastructure is woefully lacking, although, with the arrival of the metros, it has become better. However, last mile connectivity and finding reasonably priced short-term rides are still lacking. Tummoc is changing all that with its app, which helps people with their public transport commute. It does this by:

  • Providing accurate information for all modes of public transport in a city.
  • Information includes timings, fares, locations, etc.
  • Features that make public transport commutes easier. E.g., ticketing, live-tracking, etc.

All this via partnering with MaaS Providers and STUs (State Transport Units).

Tummoc is highlighting its offerings through ‘kahanis’, or storytelling. The innovative and totally original campaign has a fresh feel about it. Small vignettes from individuals who travel on a regular basis talking about their journeys by bus or any other public transport. The logic is simple for each and every individual. There must be some story to share right from starting the journey till it ends and It can either be a normal journey or filled with some adventure. The idea of the campaign is to bring such stories in front of audiences whether they are taking any public transport or private transport.  People have been sharing their daily musing and travel tales using hashtags #tummoc #commutekahani on various social media platforms.

Monalisha Thakur, Co-founder and CMO said, “We are continuously concerned about the user experience and work to improve commuting. In order to engage with our users and learn about their fascinating commute experiences, we started this initiative so that everyone can talk to other commuters about their stories around commuting. While India has an extensive network of public transport, which is priced affordably, we still don’t see public transport as a legitimate commute option. With our app, we strive to make public transport commutes seamless.”

Since its launch, the campaign has drawn eyeballs. Its fresh approach and interesting story sessions by commuters have been the driving force of the campaign. Tummoc will continue to run this campaign and engage with users in a meaningful manner to drive a personal connection and along with assisting them in finding a public transport to commute.

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