Wiggles.in Diwali Campaign #NoToNoise urges all to have a pet inclusive Diwali

#NoToNoise is live on digital and social media platforms

Wiggles.in believes in simplifying pet care backed by convenience and the first step towards creating awareness is creating content that makes pet parents and society at large think about how their actions impact the lives of animals. In continuation with its efforts to promote and have a pet inclusive and animal safe festive season, India’s leading D2C preventive pet care brand Wiggles.in continues to encourage pet parents as well as non-pet parents to consider and include animals and pets in celebrations and festivities. Making way for a festive season that is free from anxiety, stress and aggression for pets and animals, Wiggles.in now launches its #NoToNoise Diwali campaign that focuses on ensuring that our pets and animals equally enjoy a festive season filled with cheer, positivity and happiness. #NoToNoise is currently live on digital and social media platforms. The campaign also engages with customers and stakeholders through an experiential outreach.

Based on a simple and well-known fact that we often forget, animals have extremely sensitive hearing abilities. If they can hear a bag of treats being opened from the next room, imagine what happens when a loud firecracker is lit. According to research, dogs can hear sounds 4X stronger and louder than we can. And while we have the ability to protect ourselves from such noises, they often don’t. The #NoToNoise campaign by Wiggles.in was ideated with the intention of increasing awareness of the fact that though there has been a reduction in the bursting of crackers, it hasn’t ceased completely and that our voiceless friends still need to be protected from such loud noises & the pollution that accompanies it. The unlight-able matchbox and plantable crackers are catalysts to generate awareness and empower our loved ones to make an informed choice to say no to noise for the betterment of our pets and earth too.

Speaking on building a pet inclusive atmosphere during Diwali, Anushka Iyer, Founder and CEO, Wiggles.in, said, “What may seem like a celebration to us is certainly not a celebration for our pets. Diwali is generally the toughest period of the year for animals, not only does the noise cause anxiety and health issues but it also makes them anxious, leaving them unsettled and uncomfortable for days on end. At Wiggles.in, each one of us continues to renew our commitment to celebrate a noise-free, pet friendly and animal inclusive Diwali and we urge everyone around us to also contribute to making Diwali pet and animal safe in India. #NoToNoise is an extension of our belief that our pets deserve as much affection and care just like anyone of us. Our aim through this campaign is introducing a matchbox that doesn’t light up, which is a metaphor to remove the instrument that people generally use to burst crackers. This in turn will help light up the world for our streeties and pets while bringing about a positive change in behavior and outlook towards our pets not just for Diwali, but holistically.

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