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With a 360-degree campaign, Rapido urges for ‘Smart Commute’

Shreoshree Chakrabarty December 10, 2020

With a new 360- degree campaign, India’s largest bike taxi platform, Rapido is creating awareness about the benefits of riding a bike taxi. The campaign, ‘#LoveTheChase’, includes the first TV Commercial of the brand, a hookstep challenge and a #TVCMeme contest and a host of digital initiatives -interactive social media campaign.

The three pillars of Rapido –Accessibility, Availability and Affordability are emphasised in the campaign through a musical taking the consumers through two use cases. The first film opens with an employee struggling to get out of bed when he receives a message from his boss who demands him to be in office in the next 15 minutes for a meeting. Rapido helps him in reaching the office in the desired time along with additional time to get a coffee for his boss. The second one consists of two friends with the desire to meet their dream girl, who recently became single. Next in the scene, we see one friend with a swanky car and the other reaches the girl earlier as he chose bike taxi as a smart commute option.

Amit Verma, Head of Marketing, Rapido, said, “With commuters looking for a safe and affordable option to commute to work and around the city, our objective is to increase the awareness about the many advantages that a bike taxi ride provides. #LoveTheChase urges viewers to choose ‘Smart Commute’ and make the right choice for everyday commuting. The film will be followed by a host of digital initiatives giving users the power to choose, create and celebrate.”

Across 12+ channels in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, #LoveTheChase campaign went live on December 9. Innovants Media Solutions conceptualized the idea and it was co-produced by Dreams Vault Media. For a hook step to the Rap Rap Rapido Jingle, the company has also roped in the King of Slow-Motion Dance, Raghav Juyal.

A one of kind social media interactive campaign is also planned by the company which will give the audiences situations to choose an ending according to what the character(s) should do. By a choice for the viewers, use cases for Rapido will be followed. They will be shown that particular narrative, depending on what they choose.

To further boost the campaign’s visibility among its audience, a #RapidoHookstep challenge will run post the launch of the TVC with Raghav on board. Urging the audience to meme their own campaign in a funny and relatable everyday situation, Rapido will also initiate a #TVCMEME contest.

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