XYXX partners with Aadar Malik to launch their Risk-Free Returns campaign

XYXX partners with Aadar Malik to launch their Risk-Free Returns campaign

Premium men’s innerwear and loungewear label, XYXX, has launched their new light-hearted and  campaign to address the perils of unreturnable underwear. Within the apparel industry, including the burgeoning e-commerce avenues, innerwear is the only category that does not offer return and exchange options. Addressing this need of the hour, XYXX introduces its Risk-Free Returns policy, in a move to disrupt the innerwear industry in India. XYXX has always had a razor sharp focus on customer centricity and they are saying very clearly that you can buy a pair or underwear, wear them and send them back if you don’t like them.

Addressing a variety of concerns, like shape and size, color, fabric and the simply expressed chronicles of uncomfortable inner wear, XYXX introduces their Returns Policy with stand-up comedian, musician and actor par excellence, Aadar Malik.

Through a series of films directed by Raihan Mahimtule and produced by The Yellow Umbrella Films, Aadar Malik plays the quintessential, young, discerning Indian man, who gets stuck with the ‘wrong’ underwear that he cannot exchange or return. Finding innovative and hysterical uses for the unreturnable underwear, like rolling it up into a makeshift basketball or gifting it to his dog, Aadar brings out a key aspect of the innerwear retail today – the lack of return and exchange options in an industry that is growing at a rapid pace through innovation and a wide array of choices otherwise. Across retail and e-commerce, exchange and returns is practically a given in today’s day and age. Transferring this to the innerwear industry, XYXX addresses the gap and introduces its insight-driven Risk-Free Returns Policy as one of the first brands in the country in the space.

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To ensure a seamless return and recycle process, XYXX has partnered with Clothes Box Foundation, an NGO that repurposes waste and discarded clothing to upcycle fabric into useful everyday items. The process of upcycling is sustainable and includes reutilizing the inner wear to design dog beds to support our furry friends and also ensures that the unwanted products do not end up in a wasteland.

On the campaign, Petal Gangurde, Chief of Brand and Culture, XYXX comments, “Staying ahead of the curve has always been our DNA, whether it’s our fabrics or our marketing and customer centricity approaches. Even with the rise of D2C and e-commerce, we found that a staggering number of people were skeptical of purchasing underwear online-mostly because there was no scope of returning it. Through this campaign we not only highlight a pathbreaking move in the innerwear industry through our Risk Free Returns policy, but also set the tone for many to follow suit. Partnering with the Clothes Box Foundation adds another layer to our program. You can return easily and be rest assured your waste is being managed in a thoughtful and kind manner.”

Our belief is that the minute someone puts on an XYXX underwear, he has to love it – that first purchase experience is really critical for us! But there is always this fear with purchasing from a fairly new brand, especially on the internet because the fact of the matter is if you haven’t experienced the fabric, the softness, the stretch and so on, there is no store in the area that is going to allow for you to try it on and you will never know what you are missing. The Risk-free Returns campaign uses a fabulous mix of humour and wit which men can easily relate to along with the audacious use of hyperbole situations that result out of unreturnable underwear as it aims at inducing trials amongst men who are uncomfortable buying underwear online. Our extreme confidence in our product offering and customer support led us to put our returns policy front and center as an integral part of our company identity and our online shopping experience to build confidence for a consumer to make that purchase.

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