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Zee Bangla celebrates Poila Boishakh with virtual Probhat Pheri

Madhushree Chakrabarty April 15, 2021

Zee Bangla is celebrating the Bengali new year, Poila Boishakh with the virtual Probhat Pheri for all its viewers. There is a Bengali saying, “Baro Mashe, Tero Parbon” meaning thirteen festivals in twelve months shows that Bengalis love festivals and festivities. Poila Boishakh is the first day of the year and it marks a fresh start and a new hope for everything.

The channel has been keeping alive the traditions of Bengal’s illustrious history. To keep up with the brand’s promise – ‘Notun Chonde Likhbo Jibon’ the channel celebrates the new beginnings on Poila Boishakh with the special lineup of virtual Probhat Pheri for all its viewers.

The specially curated show will be streamed Live on the channel’s official Facebook page on Thursday, April 15 from the large and prestigious EMC campus in Kolkata. The Bengali community will be welcoming the year 1498 with great enthusiasm. Zee Bangla will be featuring the state’s distinguished culture and traditions including its favorite art forms. Bengal’s tradition and culture are in its dance, its art forms, and its music. And what can be a better way to welcome another year with a Probhat pheri showcasing these.

The celebration has started at 6 AM the morning with mongal sankha dhwani, then a cultural performance including a Rhythm orchestration with bangla dhol, dhaak, khol, a recitation-based dance performance, and an on-stage representation of a famous dance drama. The viewers have also witnessed some popular art forms such as Chau Nach, Santhal Nach, Uday Shankar’s fusion style, Ronpa Nach, and Robindra Nritya.

For the Probhat Pheri, the women dressed in the traditional laal-parh shada saree and showered flower petals while holding up ‘Kulos’ as they walked along. On the other hand, the men were seen wearing dhuti-punjabi and Bengal’s traditional big and colorful masks. You can catch the live coverage of the program on Facebook here and here.


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