Amnet, NYIAX & Brave’s Partnership Provides Bridgestone with a Brand-Safe Way to Engage and Move Audiences Towards its Brand


Amnet, the programmatic buying unit from dentsu India, has announced an innovative partnership with NYIAX and Brave. Powered by the Nasdaq financial framework, NYIAX is a contract management exchange that streamlines the ad buying process from discovery to execution and compliance.  Brave is the privacy-oriented browser that leading brands and publishers use to reach audiences who have opted into privacy-respecting ad experiences. 

Further stemming the partnership with NYIAX and Brave, Amnet conceptualised and executed the ‘Wish the Athlete’ campaign for Bridgestone, a world leader in tire technology. The 10-day campaign aimed at helping the brand engage with audiences in India — one of the brand’s top global markets. The campaign focused on helping the brand rapidly identify and engage with people who are interested in, and open to receiving advertisements from companies in their category.

Amnet, NYIAX and Brave believe that this mode of advertising, which seemed novel just a year ago, will become the norm by 2023 when Google discontinues support of third-party cookies. This will enable more advertisers to understand that privacy-forward advertising is not only more ethical but also drives better results.  

It is pertinent to note here that NYIAX’s proprietary matching technology helped Amnet to quickly discover brand-suitable inventory that belonged to Brave. Amnet then employed NYIAX to identify client-specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and CPC (Cost per Click) requirements. The aim was to ensure that the inventory was aligned with both the parameters throughout the campaign while reaching out to the audiences under the automotive cohort. Once the campaign was activated, NYIAX and Brave returned to team Amnet with valuable insights, allowing them to make on-the-fly adjustments based on active actions at any given time. For instance, it helped them test different creative communications to understand the best performing communication in terms of engagement (10-sec visits) on Bridgestone’s website.

The success of the first campaign outperformed all expectations, resulting in CTR (Clickthrough rate) of 14.23% and ‘click to 10-sec visit’ of ~30%.

Ankur Malhotra, Chief General Manager-Consumer & Commercial Marketing, Bridgestone India said, “At Bridgestone, we prioritize our media buying based on privacy-driven solutions and we strive to position our communication in the best way possible as the adtech industry continues to evolve. Brave’s browser offered Bridgestone a unique approach to reach our consumers with deeper engagement metrics that allowed us to deliver our campaign effectively.” 

Commenting on the campaign, Sahil Nanda, Programmatic Business Lead, Amnet India said, “Bridgestone’s dedication to serve the society with superior quality and its commitment to responsible advertising is what led us to partner with NYIAX and Brave. It was a smart choice that has already paid off. NYIAX and Brave value consumers just as we do. The partnership certainly made identifying and connecting with those most likely to benefit from a relationship with Bridgestone easy and efficient and Bridgestone was thrilled with the campaign and the outcomes delivered.” 

Salil Shanker, COO, Amnet India further added, “Connecting brands to the most brand-safe, responsive media opportunities directly is not just a trend. It’s the future. And, for our clients, the future is now.”  

Erin Gorky (Hauck), Vice President of Agency Partnership, NYIAX said, “Results like this are exactly why top agencies like Amnet are partnering with NYIAX and Brave. Not only was NYIAX  able to quickly and efficiently identify Brave as the perfect partner for Amnet based on their requirements to advertise responsibly, but we also managed compliance of their campaign in real-time. This level of transparency and accountability undoubtedly contributed to these great outcomes.” 

Donny Dvorin, Head of Sales, Brave commented, “It’s not uncommon for brands, testing our joint offering for the first time, to ask if our reporting is off. They simply cannot believe how well their campaigns perform when they turn on the power of NYIAX and Brave.” 


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