#ARM Worldwide bags the mandate for Financial Services major TresVista


The Digital marketing and communications consulting firm, #ARM Worldwide’s 26th business win this year, is the global financial services major TresVista. #ARM Worldwide is mandated to rebuild TresVista’s digital presence across geographies.

TresVista is the leading provider of high-end outsourced support for asset managers, entrepreneurs & corporates for over a decade. TresVista’s support functions include business plan development, all aspects of fund administration, portfolio management, valuation & research, and deal sourcing & execution. With offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai, New York, Pune, and Singapore, TresVista delivers cost and operational efficiencies for over 1,000 clients across geographies and asset classes, who collectively manage over $10 trillion in AUM.

Santanu Ghatak, Senior Associate, Marketing & Corporate Communications, TresVista, said,We are very excited to join hands with ARM Worldwide as our digital brand partner. We wanted a partner who would understand the TresVista values and communicate these to audiences in an insightful manner. Besides the expertise across strategic, creative, and performance dimensions, Manas and his team represent some of the best multi-functional talents in the domain. We’re enthusiastic about building TresVista together with them to showcase our brand identity.”

Manas Gulati, co-founder, and CEO, #ARM Worldwide, said, “In a market where pressure is constantly increasing on both financial institutions & consumers, the business model of TresVista plays a very critical role. It has created a unique delivery model for itself and is comfortably placed to lead its brand story. At #ARM Worldwide, our team is delighted to help scale TresVista’s business with a focused approach to do data-driven, creative, & measurable work.”

Ritesh Singh, co-founder, and managing director, #ARM Worldwide, said, “#ARM has a vast and comprehensive experience in the financial & fintech sector with a proven track record of delivering for brands for their Indian & global objectives. We have kept the momentum going despite the pandemic and have won several new businesses this year as well. During the lockdown, #ARM enhanced their focus on skilling & reskilling, gaining over 500 certifications across platforms. We continuously strive to make brands valuable to the world and are looking forward to delivering the same for TresVista.”

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