Bisleri Enters the Beverage Market With New Fruit Drinks Campaign


Now you can quench your thirst this summer with Bisleri’s new fruit flavoured drinks.

The popular beverage brand has launched 3 new fruit drinks – Limonata, Spyci and Fonzo. The brand has roped in Alakh Advertising to launch a campaign for their new fruit drinks.

Speaking about the new fruit drinks, Bisleri’s Marketing Director, Anjana Ghosh said , “Our fizzy fruit drinks will also be great enablers for parties and celebrations in the upcoming spring and summer seasons, as the Fizz with Fruits combo is refreshing, yet healthy. These drinks appeal to the younger audiences who are looking at a healthier alternative.”

Brand Campaign To Attract Customers

Bisleri, India’s most trusted brand in the mineral water segment has roped in Alakh Advertising to carry out an exceptional outdoor campaign for their renowned Fizzy Fruit Drinks – Limonata, Spyci and Fonzo. The campaign kick-started on 3rd February 2021 across 11 cities among which the innovative visuals were installed in 3 cities – Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

  • The campaign is strategically displayed to catch the consumer’s eye and reach out to potential consumers.
  •  The brand’s focus was to create greater visibility and attract mass attention, during prime working hours, not only on the arterial routes but also in residential areas.
  •  From large format hoardings to unipoles and bus shelters, the campaign consists of displaying FOBs, gantries and pole kiosks.
  •  Alakh said, understanding brand requirement and their TG was key to all the outdoor media placement. The idea was not only to be seen by the target audience but create a top of mind brand recall for Limonata, Spyci and Fonzo.

Speaking on the campaign, Ms. Anjana Ghosh, Marketing Director of Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. said, “The main objective of this campaign is to position Bisleri’s Fizzy Fruit Drinks’ as healthy since they have real fruit juice concentrate. Limonata is a mixture of lime and mint that refreshes one instantly. Spyci is a blend of bold Indian spices like clove, cinnamon and nutmeg with fizzy madness. The outdoor sites highlight the ingredients in each of the drinks via unique 3D visuals that are very attractive to look at”. 



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