DAN Data Sciences launches Proprietary Brand – Dentsu BrandSense

DAN Data Sciences launches Proprietary Brand - Audience Perception Analysis Engine Dentsu BrandSense

In today’s socially conscious and political environment, it has become extremely imperative for brands to take cognizance of the nature and tone in which they must communicate and resonate with their audiences. It is also crucial for brands to know how these very audiences perceive them. Consequently, in an effort to offer clients data driven solutions to this, the Data Sciences Division of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) India, has announced the launch of ‘Dentsu BrandSense’ – a proprietary brand-audience perception analysis engine.

Commenting on the launch, Rajiv Dingra, CEO & Founder, WATConsult says, “Targeting people based not just on their explicitly stated preferences or past behavioral trends, but on their underlying psychological make-up has been a long-needed solution for brands to connect with their audiences. With the Dentsu BrandSense tool from the DAN Data Lab factory, this is a leap forward in a true data driven way for brands to understand the make-up of their audiences in much more depth to generate content that better resonates with a brand audience.”

This proprietary brand-audience analysis engine will be housed under the marquee audience insights engine of Dentsu Aegis Network – DAN Explore. It will have 2 key components – first, analyzing a brand’s communication on social media and marketing channels (Dentsu BrandSense), and second, analyzing how audiences respond to those brand communication channels (Dentsu AudienceSense).

“With Dentsu BrandSense, we aim to bring Behavioural Sciences and Personality Science to the forefront of marketing efforts. Equipped with not just proprietary machine learning models, this engine will be equipped with intelligence from industry leading personality algorithms such as the likes of IBM Watson, Google NLU and Azure Text Analytics APIs. The idea is to go beyond finding correlations between behaviour and audience preferences to now adding a personality dimension to improve marketing effectiveness and enhance audience motivation,” adds Gautam Mehra, CEO, DAN Programmatic & Chief Data Officer, DAN – South Asia.

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