Django Digital; focusing on value addition for clients & not their valuations


Django Digital, spearheaded by Shivang Shah and Aashay Shah, witnesses a splendid year-on-year growth in revenue, brands’ portfolio as well as in building a loyal brigade of young, and experienced workforce. From growing 7x in the second year to 2.6x and 2x in the following year, this young agency promises a 100% revenue growth rate for the first five consecutive years. The entrepreneurial duo ventured into the business in 2019 and recently elevated their Performance Marketing Partner Vivek Shah to Co-founder in the firm.

As an objective-driven marketing agency, Django has been effective in producing desirable results for its clients. Social Media, Influencers and Performance Marketing have been the agency’s core services since the beginning, with Brand Film Production and Branding as the recent growing service offerings. Key accounts such as Society Tea, Storia, Lemme Be WickedGüd have grown by 4x in worth with Django’s support as their Digital partner.

Django is a creative-first agency with highly experienced designers and animators on board. The visually appealing creative portfolio of the agency is a testimony to this. To announce the three-year milestone, the agency rolled out an interesting showreel on social media.

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Aashay Shah, Co-founder at Django Digital stated, “In a short span of time, we’ve grown into a gigantic team of warriors who’re serving over 70 brands. This growth has been overwhelming for me in a positive way. We’re still learning, we still get butterflies in every pitch and we still try to make a difference in every service we provide and every project we embark on. It’s also my pleasure to announce the launch of Django in a South Indian city shortly where we saw great potential and met clients who need our support. Do stay tuned to know where we’re headed shortly.”  

While expressing his gratitude to the teams and the clients, Shivang Shah, Co-founder mentioned, “Even though the business was shaky in the second quarter of this financial year, we decided to keep our heads down and were determined to do good work. We focussed on value additions for our clients and not valuations. As a result, once again, we managed to grow 100% this year. I would take a moment to thank the teams and our clients for their trust, faith and money, which we undoubtedly put to good use! The RoI speaks for itself.” 

Congratulating the agency on achieving the milestone, Kiran Giradkar, CMO at Nilon’s said, “We joined hands with Django for our digital mandate in early 2021 and since then it’s shown an upward graph for the both of us. The experienced creative phenomenon that the young team brings onto the table is commendable. With Django as our creative partner, beating the expectations has become normal for us.” 

The agency’s client portfolio consists of renowned brands, including but not limited to, CaratLane, KEI Industries Ltd, Vahdam Teas, Nilon’s, Pillsbury, Sil Foods, The Health Factory, Imagine Meats, Infinix Mobiles, and Tata Soulfull, amongst the rest.

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