Edmingle awards its Digital Marketing Mandate to Yellophant

Yellophant Digital Wins Digital Marketing Mandate for Edmingle

Edmingle awards its digital marketing mandate to Yellophant. Yellophant is responsible for managing the Edmingle’s 360 degree digital marketing duties, that includes communications, media strategy and creatives.

Edmingle is an online platform that assists startups and individuals to roll out online courses and with their all in one technology build a strong student community. And as a part of this alliance, Edmingle will continue to focus on the B2B sector and Yellophant will make a plan to educate target customers about the brand through social media platforms. Its key responsibilities include social media management, creative and content solutions, media planning & buying, SEM, SEO, digital campaign strategy and ORM.

Commenting on this Gaurav Doshi, Founder & CEO, Edmingle, said, We are happy to have Preksha and team as our marketing & branding partner. Yellophant Digital has put in the time, efforts and research to understand our product and business proposition very well and I am confident that us working together will help build the Edmingle brand as we have envisioned and reach the right set of customers who will benefit from our solutions.”

Preksha Seth, Co-founder, Yellophant Digital, said, “We are looking forward to taking this up as a challenge and working on it diligently. Edmingle, being a brand with a unique and powerful idea has the scope of achieving its goals in no time. The brand’s motto and vision is clearly an inspiration for us to keep in mind that going forward, the term ‘location’ is no more going to be an issue when it comes to educating people. We are super excited to come up with some insightful ideas for this brand and make it work. The goal is to educate and spread as much awareness as possible about Edmingle and let the educators know about what was missing all this while.”

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