Fantasy Akhada awards its nationwide PR mandate to Media Mantra

Media Mantra wins Fantasy Akhada’s nationwide PR mandate

Fantasy Akhada awards its PR mandate to Media Mantra. The agency will be managing Fantasy Akhada’s image building as a consultant, media relations and handle all strategic PR duties.

Fantasy Akhada was founded in January 2020 by Mr. Amit Purohit. The brand is a dynamic organization having a vision of intensifying India’s sports engagement. Lately, Fantasy Akhada has roped in Mr. Harsha Bhogle as its brand ambassador and an investor.

Speaking about the development, Mr. Udit Pathak, Founder and Director, Media Mantra said; “Being an industry leader in this space we are happy to get an opportunity to manage the media mandate of a passionate brand like Fantasy Akhada. Mr. Amit Purohit is a visionary and an expert in sports and gaming. Fantasy Akhada is an innovative brand that has beaten all odds and been successful in developing such an incredible platform this year. We are delighted to embark on a partnership with such a bold & innovative brand. Through our consistent PR efforts, we aim to play an essential role in building awareness and brand positioning for Fantasy Akhada. With our fresh perspectives and creativity, we are confident that we will add value to the brand’s over-all representation in the segment.”

On the appointment of the new PR team, Mr. Amit Purohit, Founder, Fantasy Akhada, said; “It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our partnership with Media Mantra, a company with market-leading practices in the gaming segment. We are in an exciting phase of growth currently and have recently partnered with the cricket stalwart – Harsha Bhogle, who is an investor, mentor and brand ambassador of Fantasy Akhada. At this big juncture in our organization, Media Mantra’s support added an extra edge for the brand’s positioning in the business segment and bolstered my confidence in the company.”

“In this new phase of our journey, we are focusing on brand’s accelerated growth and aim at the expansion of the brand’s horizon in terms of driving sports engagement amongst Indian audiences. Another key focus area where the company aims to invest a lot of time, thought and resources is Customer Engagement and Retention and we believe Media Mantra’s expertise will help us garner higher mileage to achieve our goals” – Amit added.

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