Freedom from Diabetes Appoints Spin Communiqué As PR Consultants

Freedom from Diabetes Appoints Spin Communiqué As PR Consultants

Freedom from Diabetes (FFD), India’s leading organisation specializing in Diabetes Reversal has appointed Mumbai based Spin Communiqué as its Public Relations Consultant. FFD is founded by Dr Pramod Tripathi, a diabetes specialist who pioneered the concept of diabetes reversal in the country. Over the last seven years, FFD has helped over 11,000 individuals reverse their diabetes and is on a mission to free 100,000 diabetics by 2025. Through FFD’s Intensive Reversal Program, diabetics across the world have experienced not only a release from diabetes but also a complete transformation in health, positivity, and emotional stability.

“We believe that diabetics can live full and healthy lives and, we are here to make it happen by educating, supporting, and inspiring diabetics across the world. Our science and research-based, life-changing protocols have proven effectiveness thousands of times over. Freedom From Diabetes (FFD) will launch a high-intensity communication programme highlighting our core competencies, leadership status and the unique programmes that we offer to individuals who wish to reverse diabetes and lead a healthier life. We have engaged Spin Communiqué because the firm represents our core values and understands our aspirations as unified with their own,” says Dr Pramod Tripathi, Founder, FFD.

Dr Pramod Tripathi is an MBBS from B J Medical College, Pune, and has obtained a Professional Diploma in Diabetes Management from Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai. Early in his career, Dr Tripathi took a keen interest in developing solutions for vibrant and healthy living and has singularly focused on creating a diabetes-free society over the last seven years.

Freedom from Diabetes (FFD) is a culmination of its founder – Dr Pramod Tripathi’s long and wide-ranging quest for diabetes reversal. Dr Tripathi’s single-minded focus on reversing diabetes led him to study varied disciplines, including Allopathy, Ayurveda & Yoga, Meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Healing. FFD has helped over 11,000 diabetics to become totally free from insulin or diabetes medicines, over 2000 individuals have successfully reduced at least 10 kg and has freed close to 1500 individuals from consuming cholesterol tablets and another 700 from hypertension tablets. FFD’s multi-faceted program is reflected in the multi-disciplinary nature of its team which includes a variety of experts, including doctors, mentors, and experts in diet, exercise, and stress-release, tech-innovators, and support staff to ensure operational excellence.

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