Kakkoii Entertainment wins integrated mandate for HoneyVeda


Kakkoii Entertainment, the strategy-first advertising, design and entertainment company founded by industry veteran Yousuf Rangoonwala, formerly of W+K and BBH, is proud to announce a strategic integrated partnership with HoneyVeda, the innovative, monofloral and cruelty-free honey brand founded by Hardik Joshi, who is widely recognized as the “Bee Man and Honey Man of India.” Kakkoii Entertainment will serve as the official brand strategy, design identity, packaging design, social media content creation and management, and performance marketing agency for HoneyVeda.

Over the past five months, Kakkoii Entertainment has immersed itself in the world of bees and honey, guided by the expertise and passion of Hardik Joshi, and written an inspiring and sharp brand purpose for Honeyveda. Since 2016, Hardik has dedicated himself to enhancing the quality of honey, and protecting bees, which are essential for pollination and responsible for 70% of the food we consume. His commitment to these tiny but valuable creatures, and towards ensuring improved livelihoods for beekeepers and farmers of India, has been nothing short of admirable.

On World Bee Day 2024, when the partnership was formally agreed for, it marked a significant milestone as Kakkoii Entertainment became the official AOR for HoneyVeda. HoneyVeda gained national recognition after being featured on Shark Tank, where Hardik Joshi’s pitch captivated audiences and received accolades from Anupam Mittal. HoneyVeda stands out for its exceptional taste and Hardik’s hands-on approach, from beekeeping to farming. 

“Our team at Kakkoii Entertainment is already ‘buzzing’ with ideas and enthusiasm for HoneyVeda. Our goal is to differentiate the brand, and we have a very exciting and meaningful purpose for it. Through it, we will highlight the importance of bees, beekeepers, and farmers, while also promoting Hardik Joshi’s remarkable journey and vision for making cruelty-free honey, and the marvelous pure honey, which honeyveda extracts, harvests and sells. The brand is already working with a few state governments, to make high quality honey more mainstream. We went deep into the category, and culture and mindset of Indians towards honey, to write the strategy for the brand. In a way, I would say, we’ve written the Bible for building a honey brand in this country. Now, This partnership is set to bring HoneyVeda’s story and products to a wide audience, creating a buzz in the industry, and the nation,” said Yousuf Rangoonwala, Founder, CSO and Executive Director for Kakkoii Entertainment.

Hardik Joshi, the founder of Honeyveda conveyed to the media, “I see Kakkoii’s team as the co-founders for Honeyveda, and an extension of our marketing team. Frankly, their work has been so nuanced, sharp and thorough so far, they have understood the category, and what is required for the brand, better than us. This collaboration between HoneyVeda and Kakkoii Entertainment is the start of a new chapter filled with ideas, a new avatar of the brand and impactful campaigns. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we work together to elevate HoneyVeda’s presence and influence.”

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