Lion entertainment manages the PR mandate for Alfa Records


The integrated marketing and Public Relations firm Lion Entertainment announces its newest mandate with Alfa Records. The record label launched experimental sound creators Rusha and Blizza into the music scene with their first EP ‘Mudra’ and ‘Sutra’, their following successful EP.

The debut EP Mudra was six tracks of fresh commendable beats with an undertone of folk/ethnic music in various languages. Rusha and Blizza’s sounds received accolades from various parts of the globe which persuaded them to curate another different and nuanced EP, ‘Sutra’. Through the association with Lion entertainment, the firm manages the PR mandate for Alfa Records and shall be amplifying their electrifying bouquet of music and artists’ work.

Lion Entertainment will amplify Alfa Records music production and creative work through innovative content formats, niche and renowned music spaces thereby strategically placing their music in relevant media and on-ground spaces in the coming months.

Speaking about the association Sarthak Kush founder of Alfa Records shares, “Since the start of working with Lion entertainment, we have had a really great and successful journey with the team. We have seen great results with them managing our and Rusha and Blizza’s PR with respect to new releases and features international and domestically as well.  We are definitely looking forward to working with them for many many more years.”

Speaking about the overall Association, Pooja Valeja, founder and CEO, Lion entertainment shares, “Managing the overall mandate of PR for Ep ‘Mudra’ has definitely been challenging but the journey has been smooth sailing from Ep ‘Sutra’. From here on out we can be sure even better times to come”


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