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Digital PR & Influencer Marketing agency Look Who’s Talking launches its new LWT tool

MediaInfoline July 27, 2018

The Digital PR & Influencer Marketing agency, Look Who’s Talking has now unveiled its latest AI powered platform LWT® to empower brands and influencers with the next generation of tools for influencer marketing. The new platform has been in development for about 3 years and will provide smart-data driven influencer search across the five important Social Media networks – Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Websites & Blogs. Based on proprietary search algorithms, LWT® will also provide real-time tracking and LIVE campaign review for advertisers.

A recent EY survey report states that 64% of marketers are using Social PR and Influencer Management effectively to generate leads and convert users to customers. Their use of Influencer Marketing seems to have tipped all other methods to sell their business on the digital platform.

As one of India’s oldest Digital PR agency, Look Who’s Talking has identified a need for brands to connect actively with influencers. With the launch of this new Exclusive Influencer Marketplace – LWT®, advertisers and marketers will be able to search for influencers, engage with them and track their campaign performance LIVE through a unique dashboard. The platform not only gives them reach and engagement, but also tells them the cost per engagement.

“India is now witnessing a revolutionary Influencer Marketing trend and we are happy to be one of the leading service providers in the segment. With this platform, we will ensure that influencers have adequate opportunities for their work to be noticed by the brands and for the brands to be able to hit their targeted ROIs every time. The new LWT® platform will also allow brands to analyse and evaluate their Influencer engagement campaign, content, and its performance. It will be a FREE influencer discovery tool for our client and partners..

We are also launching our global Influencer marketplace product soon to let our Indian brands establish themselves globally by working with country specific Influencers; as well as to take this product offering to other markets like Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK soon.” – Govind Mahadevan, Founder & CEO, Look Who’s Talking.


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